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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ladder 3 rushing to a call, I lived one block away from Ladder 3

My now ex-home of 20 years, the coop had old windows so you could hear everything and I could always hear Ladder 3's sirens.   I use to do night runs up Fifth Avenue (really miss those runs especially at Christmas with the huge 3 dimensional snowflake at 57th Street) and I would run down Third Avenue and past Ladder 3 and wave and go woo -- which meant I was home safe, thanks and gratitude.  This was all pre-9-11 and I remember a fireman saw me, I was with my Mom and her boyfriend who has since passed away and he remembered me from my runs and joined us for a drink.  So long ago...

I still get excited when I see Ladder 3 and I miss know they are not down the street.   It is so sad the mayor wants to shutter more firehouses even if it just over night as to what he did post 9-11 closing and selling them off.   Shuttering the firehouses over night just makes the neighborhood less safe in many different ways not just about fires, literally the streets are generally safer where there are open firehouses.

The mayor even wants to make a ghost homeless, Fire Patrolman Schwartz and sell off the stunningly beautiful and historic Fire Patrol house on 3rd Street in the West Village.

Tired and drained today as usual, New York, NY...