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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a sicko rates my youtube on female genocide poor, I am talking about a death toll of females here in NYC and globally, just proves my point!

You know "character actors" submerge themselves, I am not an actor and I have the courage to speak up.  My name Suzannah B. Troy ARTIST,   (exhausted artist) it is on every cyber box I stand up on, my name and face. 

 I didn't even get to include Imette St. Guillen or Jennifer Moore.  I went to the 9th Precinct Community meeting to talk in person, my name, my face, that is how strongly I feel on this issue and I made a youtube which ironically doesn't mention their names but talks about women some young girls that no longer grace New York City because they died too young and they were murdered.  I wish I could have mentioned NixMary may she rest in PEACE in a special special place in Heaven so I don't care if you don't like my production, sloppy value but when I talk about young people's senseless murders to the best of my exhausted abilities -- I ask you how sick is it that a creepo, an anonymous one gives me a one star rating.   Just proves my points and it ain't just male violence murdering females and their is a global crisis "female genocide".

Imette St. Guillen
Jennifer Moore

Naidarre Walters

 Below is the text that went with my youtube video -- and I don't think it is my best and I do think I could read the poem better and add more young women's and girl's names here in NYC but this is the best I could do for now and at least I dared to think about it and talk about it.

My theory is more women, girls, females die, death by violence than death from breast cancer, a female genocide and I remember Keyanna Jones, Sabrina Matthews, Tina Negron, Adrienne Shelly and so many if not all females have been a victim of violent words and it may also be from other females but it seems words can be red lights, a warning of more violence and even murder.

I wrote this poem and this is video the abridged version.
I had a very hard time this video

Here is the unabridged version

I had such a hard time with this youtube and I left out so many names of women like Imette St. Guillen. I also feel we don't have a democracy and I censored myself which greatly upset me plus on going exhaustion...all related...

rent the dvd Waitress and note there is a violent abusive male in the film but the story transcends abuse and focuses on the optimism and love.

Google female genocide -- it is a vast topic globally

I am exhausted and just thinking about this topic drains me and reliving my own bad experiences as well....