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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, I love NYC oi vey ( my spelling of a Yiddish word means what a pain)

This morning I opened the window to let in the cool air and some exotic sounding bird was singing. Wish I could see the bird but the blinds are down and I don't feel like raising them just yet. In NYC the sounds of nature are like water in the desert.

I can't wait to be up in the country and to smell "green", the smell of nature, trees, grass...

Want to get on the subway, train to the country and never ever come back. There are so many amazing people I love adore admire a mosaic from bad boys to police officers, firemen to 311 operators I have never met who are so nice, parks dept. people that make our parks beautiful, news paper reporters I have never met, activists to homeless people to people that work in animal shelters, to volunteers, you name it a mosaic of New Yorkers but today I just want to escape NYC. I love NYC passionately and everyone who leaves told me they had to move back and if I leave I will have to return. They tell me to just go on vacation.

I love this city so much...Thanks to the Bloomberg Burden real estate developers gang including No. 1 NYU plus Columbia U., Cooper Union and a diverse group of developers with one thing in common greed and no caring for the community (despite public relations teams and charity aka tax deduction and a megalomaniacal ego massage, uber narcissist's high with uber denial) and how heavy they weigh on our old infrastructures--they don't care about the many ways the destroy, hurt, weigh heavy including the extra pressures -- crowding on a subway system rotting, leaking on rainy days and over crowded.... I have to add the USPS that sold the air rights to NYU over St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street in the mix of evil corrupt developers that endangered us because the USPS did not notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated as pointed out by Andrew Berman and the USPS felt they are federal so just like blocking a fire hydrant they are above the law and by the way this year the USPS will cost tax payers close to 3 billion dollars as oppose to last year which was 5 billion plus the USPS has the worst most frightening customer service in the United States of America so no wonder they cost the tax payers billions each year. It never occurred to you to get your mail it cost the tax payers billions because the USPS cannot even break even let alone run a profitable business so no wonder they were in a rush to sell air space over St. Ann's to the Evil Empire of the East Village NYU.

Even the evilest creeps (I wonder are they all evil -- I really think some of them are and as callous as they are evil) home grown and abroad can't destroy the dynamism of this city even thought they kid themselves they are justified.

Knee and a bone in my foot hurt big time. but just happy it is a beautiful day.

Happy Thanksgiving.