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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Female genocide the death toll continues

Page 12 The New York Daily News today states man went crazy and stabbed his wife to death.   
Xiomara Luciano Gil rest in peace.  I also feel very sorry for her son who foiled his father from leaving the scene.  "Son tackles Bx. dad who killed wife, say police."

Here in New York and globally it is my theory that death toll from females death by violence is exceedingly high.  Please google the words "female genocide".

I also believe there are red lights starting with verbal insults and undermining behavior that can escalate and it can be a woman, women, girls that join in and are equally guilty.  I don't have access to stats here in NYC, NY State, USA but so many of us know the feeling first hand.

They are many complex aspects to this and so much I want to say but I continue to feel extremely exhausted mentally and physically so this and a very rough attempt to read a poem about female genocide on youtube is all I can do for now.

Living in the East Village where I was blocks from where the compassionate beautiful soul Tina Negron was murdered at work as her brave friend courageously fought off her violent murderer or Adrienne Shelly a powerful film maker that wrote, directed and starred in "Waitress" a quirky film that is clearly a love letter to her little daughter who will know how deeply her Mother loved her but was robbed of her life by a cowardly murder who tried to make it look like suicide, the murderer tried to pin her own death  on a woman who loved life, loved her family and how ironic the film address abuse, a woman transcending male abuse, a woman freeing herself from a violent oppressive man.  Adrienne Shelly's film is a masterpiece, a life affirming loving unique film that deserved a special Oscar and should get one.

Adrienne Shelly did not know here murderer.  Remembering all these violent murders of beautiful young women all near where I lived for the last 25 years.  Tina Negron, Immette St. Guillen, and the underage  girl Jennifer Moore, that was murdered after leaving a  Chelsea club, I think she was raped also murdered thrown in a dumpster.

Just so drained, so drained and just see how women are treated -- constantly made invisible as a form of quiet hate, erased, non-validated to the worst kinds of murders.

Rest in Peace and again starting with baby victims to seniors there has to be a special special place in Heaven for you.