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Monday, November 24, 2008

FDNY fire Lt. Ryan dies line of duty, old school FDNY

Old school FDNY are still around, they love their job and retirement is not an option.  They took "the test" before standards were lowered.  I am for women's rights and equal rights and I have run 2 NYC marathons, ex-basketball star and capt. of every team I played on, etc. but there is no way I would have gone for a job in the FDNY because I would have known I was taking a job from  guy stronger and fitter than I.  (My medical doctor is a woman and better than any male doctor and no tests were lowered to make it "more equal".)  I have met some awesome fireman that don't seem eager or confident to take the test to become an officer and  I as a woman if I was in the FDNY, I am sure I would have been pushed up the ranks if I was a good test taker which I am not.   

I remember before Sept. 11 when Capt. Drennan and his guys to the Express to Heaven, and the community had placed so many flowers outside the fire house.  I was doing my run (can't run anymore) and I stopped and bought flowers to add to so many out there.

Reading the news on this brave Lt. he was true grit, the real deal and what a beautiful family that is now mourning as the numbers of NYC firemen that have lost their lives in the line of duty continues to grow and they mayor is shuttering some of the firehouses he did not close post 9-11.