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Saturday, November 22, 2008

APPLE the best customer service coolest features inspires "Murderville East Village"

At age 46 I converted to Apple tossing my Dell in the garbage, best techno-decision EVER and I wish I had tried Apple decades ago!!!!!!!!  Apple has the best customer service on the planet and the down side is once you step out of the store or hang up the phone be prepared for no other company to ever treat you as good!!!!!!

Apple has a new feature that is "haunting"  "Google street view" which is on a time delay and of course I want the Silicon Valley retired billionaire turned NYPD techno-whiz kid, head of the special techno task force to use these features to find out who murdered the heroine of "Muderville (East Village)" but her ghost is more powerful than his technology...I love this cop, he is paid a dollar a year and he is in love bigger and badder than the detective from "Laura" why would her ghost want to prevent him from solving the case...?  Maybe she has a far more effective way in mind to serve justice because it may not be just one person responsible for her African American  artist homeless man that lives on the street has the answers in his art plain to see on the street but the police don't see it...

Too bad Hugh Jackman isn't in his 20's.   Ryan Gosling will have to play the techno-whiz kid turned NYPD head of the techno-task force, I have to have Hugh Jackman so maybe I will make him the precinct's Deputy Inspector or a wild activist, tee hee.  The new James Bond flick on revenge "converted me to Daniel Craig" but I would want him to be less buff, more gritty NYC and I won't tell you who I imagine in the female lead, it has a major blush factor.

There will be an enormous -- gi-normous infrastructure break (not her ghost but a greedy tsunami of community crushing development), the biggest in NYC's history as well and some sizzling love scenes but are they real, imagined or just happening on a computer screen as part of this new cyber frontier that allows us to "see" the streets of NYC and ourselves in new found ways or unpleasant -- it is up to the viewer to decide or is it?

Murderville is a metaphor for other "thangs" "old New York" "soul New York".

Apple is my muse....