May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My blog has moved...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jim Powers injured his damaged hip at the dog run at Tompkins, he is on St. Marks Place, if only we could landmark protect him, he needs your help

Cooper Union sparked community outrage kicking this 9-11 community planter memorial honoring the FDNY, NYPD and PAPD to the curb and one mini-miracle is having it restored to it's place by the black cube at Astor Place.  Note the Manhattan skyline in black as if in morning and the amazing rendering in broken pieces of mosaic.

Jim Powers leaning on his mosaic cane because he needs a hip replacement was accidentally  knocked down by a dog at the dog run today and sad to say some people laughed no understanding how much pain Jim was in.   He has been taking Tylenol to deal with the pain.
Suzannah B. Troy and Jesse Jane, one of the most amazing service dogs on the planet because she is Jim's navigator and companion enduring hellish conditions for most of her life because the majority Jim has been homeless but always highly productive as an artist and one simply has to look around the East Village to see many of Jim's mosaic light poles and doorways, planters that are photographed daily by tourists all over the world.

Jim Power sustained more damage to hip ( he been putting off a much need hip surgery for quite awhile because he doesn’t want to be separated from Jesse Jane his beautiful emotional seeing eye dog) At the dog run with Jesse, another dog accidentally jumped up on him and knocked him down. Jim fell on his damaged hip, Jim. The concern is this new accident which has add more pain to an already painful hip that most likely needs worrisome on so many levels.

Jim Power needs all kinds of support from patronage for his art to just a kind word of encouragement because he is such a long term community member it is not serious enough to derail him from his efforts.

I have had two knee surgeries and I can’t imagine the immense pain Jim has had to live with all these years with a hip that no longer working so much so he limps severely and I am sad to tell you people were laughing as he lay on the ground in immense pain.

If Jim does have to go to the hospital to get surgery who will take care of Jesse and she cries when they are separated so it will be traumatic for her as well.

So sad and I am asking anyone that can to please help Jim Powers in any way possible when money, food, hiring him for work and most of all some kind words.

thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

I have moved my blog to an Apple account but I came back to this blog to post the sad upsetting news about Jim Powers sustaining more damage to his hip.  Currently he is off the streets but it sounds like his housing is tenuous at best and he will need support and some good souls to help care for Jesse if he is forced to get a much needed hip surgery.

Jim served in Viet Nam and although he is a bohemian you can see his love for the USA in the many images of the American Flag and references to historical figures on his light pole art.

Many of us love the Filmore East light pole which is a most see. Visit to learn more.

He also lost his Viet Nam Vet hat along the way so it has been a rough day.   The day is not over yet and so many of us are in need of mini-miracles and I have to put Jim and Jesse close to the top of the list for the East Village and I would add, the wonderful tenants fighting for their right to stay in their homes and our neighborhood.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

short rant on why we need term limits on a podcast

yo, it is under podcasts and on my blog

Bait and Switch, Real Estate in NYC, on one is policing the developers and those selling the real estate

You know from time to time film makers pick a character to make the topic of a film...I could see with my life and what brought me to sell my home of 2o years and my own humble and humiliating experience getting my new home.

This piece was oddly comforting to me.

Gawker's perspective on bailing out Fannie Mae

And Suzannah B. Troy says, hmmmmmmmm, tax payers are bailing out the USPS's estimated multi-billion dollars losses, year to year and know this....

Hey America, you thought you were working two jobs to feed your families....

Why do multi-billionaires and mega millionaires who use NYC as a playing field to make and increase their fortunes and a playground declare anywhere but NYC as their home....??????
And they have tax attorneys and high priced attorneys on the pay roll ---  why, why, why????

And Uncle Sam wants to give people struggling to survive a hard time.....

NYC and the USA have to declare bankruptcy and have the IMF bail us out!!!!!!

Crazy stuff....
only thing crazier is what is going down in real estate, politics and corporations and legalized drug dealing using tv to advertise and prescribing meds to kids that I don't think are good for them.   In fact most of the advertisements list such horrible side effects it is down right madness to even consider taking the drugs....

crazy stuff, time for a bail out, and another and another....

commercial break facial hair

saw one of the character actors -- from a hugely successful show -- fictional , organized crime passing St. Marks Place and he was sporting serious facial hair but you know what I find him really unattractive even with the fabulous hairy expression...

now on to serious topics


email to the mayor honor our rescue workers 9-11

email to the mayor of NYC:
This is my letter published in The Wall St. Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero". As far as I am concerned the betrayal has grown exponentially in so many ways including Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino taken, a 9-11 death just years later but still 9-11. If NYU wanted to build a mega dorm that toxic waste dump would have been torn down. The global audience watched our front line uniform officers rescue people over and over and our Nation, city and each dept -- lost the largest amount of rescue workers in history. They didn't hesitate with their lives and that fact of history should have been acknowledged with a "thank you" at the fence all these years rather than just made invisible at the seemingly unending fence.

They had their rank on their uniform and too date you deny them THE SIMPLE RESPECT DUE..

There is so much more I want to write about on this topic but you can just begin by reading my letter and righting one wrong.

Suzannah B. Troy

NYC Oligarch central with mini mike wannabe, hello this is a democracy, remember?

to the mayor of NYC:

No to extending term limits. NYC is oligarch central with mini Mike wannabes and YOU ALL NEED REMINDING that this is A DEMOCRACY!!!!!There is a reason for term limits.City Council votes them selves a raise when the reality is the city's budget was and remains bust. Just look at out streets and see, our NYPD salary was lowered and now they want to extend limits?All the more reason to clean house, the need for term limits and in Scott Stringer's case I wish we can make it one term. Worse our the community boards where we are denied the right to vote for the people representing us and it looks like they have reasons they want to keep it that way.REMINDER: WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACYsad city government needs reminding

Suzannah B. Troy

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 beams of light 9-11

military jets loudly over head makes me think 911

Adrienne Shelly, Tina Negron, my own experiences and other topics that evoke anger and grief like 9-11

Waitress is playing on HBO and I am glad.  Adrienne Shelly died in the West Village and I believe the first story rather than the 2nd that the defense attorney and murderer in my opinion conjured hoping to lope off a few years.    She simply asked for some peace and quiet rather than endure the noise pollution from the construction and the man fearful she might call the police because he was an illegal alien killed her and cowards always blame the victim as well which he did by trying to make it look like a suicide.

Waitress dealt with an abusive husband, a control freak, coward, etc. the standard coward package and the film ends on an optimistic note and the film is a love letter to Adrienne Shelly's little girl who has a cameo in the film and now will never know her Mom.

Tina Negron was a young very beautiful woman who I believe was a compassionate soul and chose to see the best in people and when she realized she made a mistake and broke up with another controlling coward, he killed her and severely wounded her brave friend that had the guts to fight for her literally.

In my own case it was not just one person and it was not a boyfriend, ex-lover but the goal was an attempt to control me and it was horrible.   I can't express the anger I feel and it seems like the law does so little if nothing and than it would require me suing big time which is an expensive and time consuming endeavor -- but I still think about it.   I do believe in karma and every dog has it's day and from what I have been seeing lately -- it is just patience.

For the people who lost their loved ones no amount of money would replace their loved ones.

Of course I think of 9-11 as well.   I have said so much about it already and today just walking past Jim Power's community planter dedicated to the rescue workers that died 9-11 back in place was oddly comforting.    He made that out on the street in the worst of weather and it has some of his patrons colllaged in there as well but it is the only dedication I see around that includes the NYPD, FDNY and PAPD.   I can't remember if he has the EMS but it is an East Village tribute and we were all here and we remember the day well.

David Seifman's piece -- note East Village is on the map

In his article is a map and stats and the East Village is on the map.  Please look...

Again go to the post on this article below to read my rant but I also would like to see infrastructure stats and a break down of what kind of infrastructure problems but where they are expanding so the we had a complete map but than again I also have been calling for a map of real estate of NYU and the estimated taxes they would owe NY if they did not have their not for profit status.
++++++The photo I posted is one of a series of trash cans in holes in the East Village-Bowery.

This one is at 2nd Avenue and 7th Street and by the medium size water main break that was one block from the Cooper Union "studio" supersize build...although not sky piercing it and all the construction work, mega cranes weigh heavy on our old infrastructure.

Cooper Union's rep tried to tell me I am wrong...but last time I check the real estate magnates posing as higher ed do not have the right to deprive me of my opinion although they have made life unlivable and successful continue to push us out and eminent domain abuse is not required in the East Village IN MY OPINION.

I have seen holes in the streets where there were water main breaks or sewage breaks repaired and something with the repairs and paving was some how in effective and viola -- large hole have been appearing after the repairs.

Here is video footage and you can a diverse group of community members interviewed including me and just a reminder....some people and small businesses can't bounce back after infrastructure breaks and cranes falling, etc.    My point is -- it is another way people are forced out of their neighborhoods unable to return.

Activist heading to City Hall for housing protest

Sunday, September 7, 2008


She may have been a victim of the owners being evicted, I don't know but she is some where between 9 and 11 years old she became homeless      Like me she looks younger than she is....out of the blue she started limping and a friend that helped when I was being harassed and forced to endure shocking circumstances happen to be with me crisis you learn who are your friends and who are ego maniacs with agendas and my friend got us to the Fifth Avenue Vets and insisted on paying for the car ride...

I was told her eye has to be removed... I have to get her to an eye specialist as soon as possible for surgery asap.   Her arm was x-rayed and her arm is like my knee.

I adopted older cats that need homes and I would rather have the most loving best quality best buddies.   Just a rough and tiring day.   She is near me on an American Indian blanket resting.

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen continues to hang on by a thread and a prayer in the face of eviction

hit the search engine of my blog to learn more but I am wiped out.   as you know self centered people or maybe a sicko landlord developer posing as a renter ignorantly cyber-harassed me for many things but one was mistakingly thinking eviction was their special suffering and endured only by their class of East Villager but so many people have been harassed by the powers that be, threatened with eviction and people are being forced out of their home some in to shelters, some out in to the streets and that includes pets.

People are losing their housing or being threatened in all different kinds of ways.

The mortgage crisis impacted so many peoples living including suicides and pets being given away to shelters and no "Bear Stearns bailouts" but the mortgage crisis this country very hard.

Karen with chaps, Love Saves the day, amazing treasures for bubkas on the tables, old NY

Tompkins minus any spectacles, drama at least in this photos

Alan Ginsberg came to Rutgers to talk to us way back when and I don't equate much of what goes on with Howl with Ginsberg.  I am sad to see more fences than ever in the park although I understand the children's park needed a makeover and it means no drunks with a few token sober people amongst them sitting at the entrance to the children's park, no rats bigger than my cats hanging out there either.

I just had to focus my camera on something other than the spectacles, drama and happenings to one of the main intentions of the park way back when and that is the greenery.

David Seifman reports the truth about the "other New York"
David Seifman reports on the state of the streets in NYC meaning they are in terrible shape.

Read the article.
I am so thankful this got almost a full page.

What is not covered in the article ......
My thoughts, thank goodness someone is finally reporting on a ugly truth and let me put this in context -- the Bloomberg administration brought on a tsunami of development and on an old delipidated infrastructure and they brought it on way too fast and it is a no brainer on the speed part but the streets being in such horrible shape is another message to the people of the city -- you do not count, your safety is not first or even second.  The developers including NYU, Columbia U., Cooper Union, all the developers with their sky piercing developments in historical areas where they don't fit in --- their greed is the priority.

Again all the public relations on behalf of the mayor and the developers with this tsunami of community crushing development seem to ignore the other New York and finally one part of "old" New York that is crumbling or being constantly ripped up for expansion of infrastructure for all these mega dorms, supersized sky piercing hotels and Cooper Unions new mega retail building coming to replace the little yellow Science building ---

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I will be back on my apple blog Monday


NYU Purple Reign of Terror on the community and environment, meanwhile the city is in worse shape than ever

Click on the photo above and to your left you can see 2 trolleys parked on Broadway "not so Broad any more".  NYU continues to show they have zero respect for anyone but their own greed and need using Broadway and Lafayette Street as their parking lot despite the fact they own more property than anyone else in New York so park your fleet on your own property.
A bus 3/4's empty passed me and get them off the street because they congest traffic and add to unnecessary pollution or make stop points to include the what is left of community members.

Also note the white spray paint which hints at NYC streets like asphalt patchwork.   The streets are in awful shape and some is for expanding infrastructure for greedy developers supersizing on our old infrastructure....mostly all megadorms, supersized condos, hotels and Cooper Union's retail space which was the Science building.
I estimated the air conditioning to be at 62 degrees....breezy cold and NYU who has high paid public relations state they are green -- show talk is cheap or expensive but their actions tell the truth which are very destructive to the community and harmful to Mother Earth.   This is the hideous ugly student center which of course is huge and the air conditioning is set a fridge cold and the doors remain wide open but we all know it feels  NYU IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!   It feels like what NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia University are doing like, it feels like "very organized crime".   No one polices them or holds them accountable and they have the deepest pockets and the most powerful connections as well as major mega chunks of New York real estate....sweet!!!!!!!!
Trees were torn out to accommodate moving the fountain a matter of feet and why?  NYU owns most of the real estate surrounding the park and even kicks the community out of a public park which technically might be illegal but hey, it is NYU so the reason for this wasteful expensive improvement are for NYU's real estate value and tourism.   Thanks Mayor Mike.

Evictions continue of to rise.  People, pets, small businesses, trees in Washington Square Park and even the ghost Fire Patrolman Schwartz just behind the hideous ugly NYU Student Center in a stunning building the mayor felt compelled to close from the very early 1900's right by Edgar Allen Poe House which NYU tore down.
Click on the picture above and you may get a hint of the street at 2nd Avenue beginning to flood.  As NYU, no. 1 real estate magnate buys up and leases every bit of property and using every slick maneuver and their not for profit status the city continues to show it is falling apart and the streets flood more and more looking like Venice, Italy rather than East and West Village.   Yes, NYU is not a good partner but a greedy consumer of everything possible and the tax payers continued to pay the burden of everything.  The Post Master General estimates the USPS will lose 2 billion dollars this year.  What did they lose last year?  They sold the air rights over St. Ann's for, I think, 8 million dollars and NYU and the USPS rushed to get this air sale pushed through rather than notify the State of New York so the State could look in to whether this was in the best interest of the community.   The streets are in such bad shape and the subways surrounding the area and below ground infrastructure concerns are worrisome but again no one is holding NYU or the USPS accountable.   The taxpayers will have to pick up the burden of the USPS's 2 billion dollars estimated loss this year.

I don't want the community to pay with their lives or be forced out because of infrastructure breaks.  If they are more breaks and people are forced out, NYU and other developers are pleased because the more people leave the more they can take over.   The priority of the Bloomberg administration is pushing this tsunami of development and not preserving our right to remain in our neighborhoods, evictions of all kinds, our safety, the basic decent shape of our streets, etc.   People are being evicted and moving into homeless shelters and their pets to animal shelters but NYU can't expand their mega real estate holdings fast enough.  Ditto for Cooper Union and Columbia University.

+the 2nd link is for the ghost of Fire Patrol Schwartz and I have news for you, if die angry and upset or worse I will come back and do some major haunting.  I can't seem to forget injustice and I am confident karma gets served not in time as I understand it but for now I just wrote "Murderville" and in the story the ghost of the woman makes the ghost of Hamlet's dad look mellow.

My art in the rain

Adam Techno-Head to the far left, gold head of "I am Listening", a ceramic bust I made in high school, "I'm married to my technology", the technology pieces I made more than a decade ago and you can see text written on her body as well as a body wear made of computer tape, phone wires, pieces of walkmen...
Why out in the rain.   I didn't get the support I needed as an artist when I need it.  Yes they are getting ruined in the weather but they are out there and better out side than stored away or in an empty head rich person's mansion that has no passion for art but bought it the way they buy clothing, someone else pick it out for them.

feel scary tired today...just wiped out.

wiped out

New York Blood Center and the Mets give blood donors gifts

That is my arm and I am donating platelets...I am so tired today I feel like I need some blood.  Anyway, I did get Met tickets...they are so high up I guess they call the section the nose bleed section, still it is a nice gesture.

Broadway not as "broad", sit down and inhale the equivalent of 50 cigarette or more!!!!!!!!!!!

The mayor of smoke and mirrors again is using public relations and all nice green ideas but the reality is an pedestrian that sits down at these table to enjoy the congested traffic passing by is inhaling the equivalent of 40, 50 or more cigarettes!!!!  Let us see, the mayor pushes a tsunami of development so much so I rename gentrification supersification,  tears up as much of historic NYC as possible so we have less green, more concrete and glass piercing the sky on an old delipidated infrastructure, higher population and a few tables in the middle of traffic -- narrowing Broadway -- to "less Broadway" just says it all....

All smoke and mirrors with little to no substance.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Beard and Moustache Competition Coney Island!!!!!!!

(I took the image from Donny Vomit's myspace page!  )
Yo, Dear Loyal Readers!!!  You know I love Thurman Munson and he had a great mustache...I love the facial hair from that era and  major radical beards, etc.  It is just so fun!!!  I even think the NYPD should be allowed to have facial hair.  (The NYPD has outlawed facial hair, long hair and tattoos, if you join after x date you have to cover your tattoos.)  The New York Yankess needs to encourage major big bad mustaches because it is proven to enhance ball playing!  Just the artist in me speaking out besides they are fun for all, tee, hee!

If you have not attended any shows at  the Coney Island Sideshow Theater, you must!!!!  This is at 10PM tomorrow -- too late for me but I wish I could go.

Donny Vomit in association with Coney Island USA presents The First Annual Coney Island Beard and Moustache Competition! On Saturday September 6th a celebration of beards, moustaches, goatees, sideburns and the people that love them will be held in the playground for the common man, Coney Island. The event will take place in the Coney Island Freak Bar and Sideshow Theater @ 1208 Surf Ave. All are welcome to enter the competition in six categories! Best Beard Natural, Best Beard Styled, Best Moustache Natural, Best Beard Styled. Best Sideburns, and Best All Around! Pre-Show and Registration begins at 7pm at the Freak Bar! With live entertainment including... Razor Shaves with Michael Haar: Tonsorial Artist, come early and get a clean shave! Fisherman Tiki Trio: mid-century Exotica and Lounge Pop! The Antique DJ: Spinning spinning classic tunes of the past! Awards and Variety Show at 10pm in the Sideshow Theater. A unique show of NYC's best bearded performers including... Donny Vomit, Master of Dementertainment and Sideshow Arts! Amazing Burlesque by Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey!!! Cowboy Chris McDaniel, NYC's best Ropin' and Whipin' artist! Black Scorpion, The Bearded man with lobster hands! Nic Sin, The worlds smallest escape artist! and more to come! Registration and cover to the show only 10$ So come on down friends and be a part of Coney Island History! No beard is too small, no moustache is too long!

Go to Crains and vote, post a comment

Deutshce Disgrace and another Construction worker dies

I read about the Construction first on Crains and that makes 20 this year...

I have to rush now so I don't have time but I will say this, Bobby and Joseph would be alive today if the Deutshce toxic waste dump had been bought up by NYU who set a world record tearing down St. Ann's.

I am so glad The New York Daily News ran this piece and Bobby and Joseph are Sept. 11 heroes as far as I am concerned 9-11 reach forward in time and took them and so many others have been dying slow heoric deaths 9-11.

All rescue workeres deserve their name and rank on the memorial they were wearing them on their bodies when they took the Express to Heaven.

Speed of Greed, an email to Andrew Cuomo on my other blog

I am still transitioning so some of my writing is on the other comes with an image of a surfer and if I don't put my own photo over it the surfer stays which is weird....

just too drained to deal with surfer boy issues and it is not even real life but computer life.

David Rankin's client Chris Long will have all charges dropped + read NYTimes article on David Rankin re: texting and NYPD -RNC
All charges are to be dropped against David Rankin's client, Christopher Long today.  A world wide audience saw David' client be knocked to the ground...actually many watched the video over and over on youtube.  

I have been published on behalf of the NYPD many times but when they cross the line it hurts the police dept and all officers that do their job. 

Below I have posted the link for a piece on David Rankin and another client involving the NYPD.
I saw David represent a friend in criminal court and all bogus charges of harassment were thrown out.  I was being harassed and I began to learn just a little about the law -- or I attempted to understand what is criminal and what civil and more and more I am believing in a higher court called karma...karma court which is far less expensive than suing.

David lives up to his name.  He is a young William Knustler but better looking.  I am 46 and David looks very young to me and he has an even younger lawyer name Mark Taylor working with him who is also amazing.   Remember there names, I will always.  How ironic the twists and turns that brought me to them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My scathing comments are on The Wall St. Journal site

Dear Loyal Readers:  I have had people that are anti-NYU actually refuse to publish my thoughts on their blogs and there are 2 you would be shocked by if I told you the names of the blogs.

I have battled an editor at the New York Times to get my thoughts posted.  He made me remove the sentence that stated I thought the water main break one block from Cooper Union's construction site was caused by Cooper Union's construction.  We fought and I got my thoughts up but I did have to remove that one sentence to get my thoughts published on The New York Times site.

TO HAVE MY THOUGHTS, complete, very lengthy and powerful on The Wall St. Journal's site about Columbia University and NYU crushing our communities and far more means so much to me.

Sept. 11 is almost here and The Wall Street Journal published my letter "Betrayal at Ground Zero" a couple of years ago and now this.  I feel I busted through another wall.   

Columbia U. gets a thrashing in The Wall St. Journal so I mention NYU in fierce competition to gobble up as much real estate

my Blog on my Apple site is up: 1) Linda Stasi 2)NYU big phony real estate magnate AC on high waste mode
hit blog at the top of the page

I posted 2 pieces.   One is a tv review by Linda Stasi and I also think of my short story which is not about an international biker club that like this tv show is the Soprano's on wheels but my story is about a global investment service firm on wheels.

Ready to do the "Boesky Shuffle"?  My favorite white collar crime term I made up but he is old white collar crime.

Two:  NYU continues to put out their phony public relations they are green so I show a picture of a door left wide open and the air conditioning as usual is set to high waste -- very cold -- yes, the hideous ugly NYU student center, one of NYU's eye sores on Washington Square Park...which makes people ask why waste millions to "improve" the park when the only improvements would be removing the Bobst Library and the Student center but it always gets down to the what NYU wants, NYU gets.

This is a transition time for me and I will be adding more podcasts as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blog switching to Apple aka Mac

It is going to take time but tomorrow I will post an image of NYU's student center with a door open and if you want to feel the air conditioning that must be set at 60 degrees than saunter over to the south side of Washington Square Park.  You don't have to enter to feel the nordic blast.

My point is NYU's green talk is all phony and mostly to all their green is about money.

NY Post covers 176 E 3rd St. , I donate to this morning

I know there are shockingly ignorant people that don't know that condo and coop owners can endure threats of eviction and live with on going harassment as what a shocker and I have  loyal readers that  may have learned from me or already knew, assessments  for coops and condos are on the rise in these older buildings, many buildings run like the city of New York and these assessments I believe will be so great, the middle income and yes, low income people  will pushed out of their communities.   I know there are people that just can't believe other people in different situations face harassment, threats including eviction and that coops, condos, home owners can also be low income, yes a shocker  they exist and own property and will be forced out.  It is not just about rent stabilized tenants being forced out of the neighborhood.  

The article is correct that the landlords 125,000 offer of a buy out is too low.  Way too low but I am tired, just like donating my platelets, type platelets in to the search engine and see my arm with a needle in it for one hour, taped to my arm, and you have to help pump that blood out and than rest every minute or so for that hour so my point is I want to know I reach people that are listening, that appreciate my hard work, I don't care if you agree with me or not, but this is hard work and I am giving so hard I am exhausted. 

I just donated to because they still need support for their legal bills and that is how strongly I believe in their right to stay in their homes.   The treatment by the Economakis family is just brutual and the harm our community as well as the tenants by forcing out beloved community members that will not be able to afford to stay in the neighborhood they call home.

It would be shockingly stupid to think -- this could never happen to me -- as I said condo and coops owners can face eviction and harassment but look in a completely different shape and form, the mortgage crisis,  how many people across the USA and New York lost their homes, some even committed suicide and some gave up pets that were beloved family members.

People could lose their homes do to a natural crisis like we have seen all over the world but there are people here in NYC that think it is only about their problems and no one else could understand.  There are people that have been forced out because of water main breaks or cranes dropping on their buildings, or a small plane flying in to their building so it can happen to anyone at any time.

I am not arrogant or stupid enough to think my future is secure but I am generous beyond what I have to give and even supply this blog is a form of generosity so if you don't appreciate it -- do not visit my blog.  Go to another blog.  Ask your self why are you here?  But that would mean you have the courage to be honest so forget it.   Go to your cave where you live and think it is only about "you" or to your house in the Hamptons or Vermont but this blog ain't for you.

I may be taking down this blog as well and moving my show in a different shape and form to Apple in the future.

I am very tired and I have other projects that demand attention.  There is no advertising on this site and no income for providing my thoughts and images.

I do believe there are people accruing "bad mojo" and it will come back to haunt them.  I do get calls sometimes and or read the news in the paper but mostly I just want to move forward and when I can figure out a place to live other than the city, I do want to move.  I have met very rich people so concerned with losing their wealth or growing it -- they were the cheapest people on the planet but it is just niave not to realize financal concerns are there for all of us even if the bills are paid, known of us really know how we are secure, many don't have health insurance, if you do it doesn't cover things you need and is there money to cover those costs, rising costs in Con Ed bills that I believe are for the infrastructure expansion as much as for the oil prices and throw in the law suits -- the people of NYC -- especially people just barely hanging in will be crushed in yet another way and that is higher bills to pay for this but Con Ed says -- hey it is just oil prices.  

There are all kinds of ways to push people out -- soon the city will be a big shopping mall with no character or characters -- outspoken people seem to be dropping like flies or being harassed so much they leave so the greedy corrupt creeps celebrate....

I am just plain tired....I can't imagine donating any more platelets right now and this donation to is my last for a while.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Columbia U. protest and read on -- even "earth quake concerns" and I mention that as well w/supersized tsunami of development posted under Rolls photo

To CPC Members and Others Interested: 9/1/08

To CPC Members and Others Interested: 9/1/08

United for an Open and Strong Community
POST OFFICE BOX 50 - Manhattanville Station
365 West 125th Street
NEW York City, New York 10027
Coalition to Preserve Community Says it is Time to Stand Up for Your Neighb orhood:
Do you want to lose your home?
Do you want your neighbors to lose their homes?
Do you want tax paying owners to lose their properties and have tax exempt Columbia take them away and replace them with biotech level #3 labs?
Do you want Harlem to lose its businesses like Floridita?
Do you want to face all the environmental hazards CU’s expansion will cause to our air, structural weakening of buildings, loss of parking & gain of traffic problems?
Do you want a bathtub (8 stories down) built on an earthquake fault? (Did you see the news articles about possible quake dangers last week?)
Do you want eminent domain to be used to benefit an elitist private institution and spur gentrification?

The Empire State Development Corporation will hold a hearing to determine if eminent domain will be used for the Columbia expansion. It will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 2 and Thursday Sept. 4, at Aaron Davis Hall at City College (135th St. & Convent Ave.), east of Amsterdam Ave. (1pm & 5:30PM sessions)
We urge you to speak out this Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 5:30 – 9:00PM, 135th & Convent. Stand up!
CONTACT US: Call (212) 666-6426, 646-812-5188, or (212) 234-3002 (se habla espanol) or go and sign up to be on our contact list. ESPANOL – OTRO LADO

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Coalition to Preserve Community dice es tiempo de dejarse oir para salvar el barrio:


¿Desearía usted perder su casa?
¿Desearía usted que sus vecinos pierdan sus20hogares?
¿Desearía usted que negociantes que pagan impuestos pierdan sus propiedades y que Columbia, como institución que no paga impuestos, los desaloje para instalar laboratorios peligrosos?
¿Desearía usted que Harlem pierda negocios como el Floridita?
¿Desearía usted enfrentar los peligros de Plan de Expansión de Columbia en: peligro ambiental en la calidad de aire, debilitamiento de las estructuras de los edificios, pérdida de estacionamiento y más problemas con el tráfico?
¿Desearía usted que una tina (de 8 pisos bajo tierra) sea construida en un lugar donde existe posibilidad de terremoto?
¿Vio usted la semana pasada las noticias y artículos acerca del peligro de posible temblor de tierra?
¿Desearía usted que la expropiación forzada sea usada para beneficiar una institución privada elitista y que estimula el aburguesamiento?
El A 0Empire State Development Corporation sostendrá una reunión publica para determinar si la expropiación forzada será usada para el plan de expansión de CU. Esta reunión será el martes 2 y el jueves 4 de septiembre, en el Salón Aaron Davis de City College (135th St. & Convent Ave.), al este de la Ave. Amsterdam. (Las sesiones saran 1pm & 5:30PM)

Es urgente que usted hable éste martes 2 de sept., de 5:30 – 9:00PM, 135th & Convent. ¡Hágase Oír!

CONTACTENOS: Llame a (212) 666-6426, 646-812-5188, o (212) 234-3002 (se habla español) o visite e inscríbase para estar en lista de nuestros contactos.
August 23, 2008

Study finds new earthquake dangers for NYC
Filed at 5:05 a.m. ET
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) -- An analysis of recent earthquake activity around New York City has found that many small faults that were believed to be inactive could contribute to a major, disastrous earthquake.
The study also finds that a line of seismic activity comes within two miles of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, about 25 miles north of New Yo rk City. Another fault line near the plant was already known, so the findings suggest Indian Point is at an intersection of faults.
The study's authors, who work at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Observatory, acknowledge that the biggest earthquakes -- in the 6 or 7 magnitude range -- are rare in the New York City region. They say a quake of magnitude 7 probably comes about every 3,400 years.
But they note that no one knows when the last one hit, and because of the population density and the concentration of buildings and financial assets, many lives and hundreds of billions of dollars are at risk.
The metropolitan area does not have a single great fault like the San Andreas fault in California, said Leonardo Seeber, co-author of the study.
''Instead of having a single major fault or a few major faults, we tend to have a lot of very minor and sort of subtle faults,'' he said. ''It's a family of faults, and that can contribute to the severity of an earthquake.''
John Ebel, director of seismology at Boston College's Weston Observatory, said he agreed with the study's finding that small faults can contribute to large earthquakes. ''A quake can jump from one fault to another,'' he said.
The study, published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, analyzed 383 known earthquakes over the past 330 years in or near New York City. The biggest were three that reached magnitude 5 in 1737, 1783 and 1884.
Data on earthquakes since the early 1970s, when Lamont deployed dozens of new detectors inferred from the data that there is a seismic zone, previously undetected, running west from the southwest tip of Connecticut and intersecting with the large, well-known Ramapo fault near Indian Point.
Lynn Sykes, the lead author, said the finding means the danger of a big quake near the nuclear plants is greater that had been thought.
Sykes acknowledged in an interview with The Associated Press that he is opposed to an application from Entergy Nuclear, which owns the nuclear plant, to extend the licenses of the two reactors, but he said, ''I try to keep that as independent from my work as possible.''
Columbia spokesman Kevin Krajick said the study had been provided before publication to state Attorney GeneralAndrew Cuomo, who argued unsuccessfully earlier this year that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should consider the new earthquake data as it decides whether to extend the licenses.
Ebel said the report's suggestion of a fault line was ''a purely circumstantial, speculative argument, but while it's speculative it's within the scientific bounds of reason.'' He praised the study and urged other scientists to build on it.
Jim Steets, a spokesman for Entergy, said the plant was designed to withstand a seismic event. He said that even if the frequency and intensity of earthquakes is greater than was believed when the plant was built, it wouldn't drastically change the outlook for plant safety.
He said the plant ''may very well be among the safest places to go during a seismic event.''
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