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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Suzannah Troy Artist on Sept. 11 Than Now Open Wounds + Politicians Wall St. Achieved Terrorist Goal to Destroy our Economy

First and foremost condolences to everyone that lost loved ones Sept. 11 from parents losing their children to children growing up with no parents to individuals that may have had no family to mourn them.

from my jacket with patches from our Rescue Workers and our Volunteers regular citizens and those gifts of pins from voluteers represented Americans and people from around the world that wanted to be there after Sept. 11 to help us which is very moving. The jacket is in the 9-11 musuem. I had an NYPD Det. 9-11 friend and I wrote The Going for him and put the NYPD Det. Patch on my wrist as if he was holding my hand...a great comfort. Every patch has meaning and you can see The American Indian Flag behind me and the patch on my jacket. The American Indians helped build the WTC so they rushed down to help. So many moving stories.....

There are so many articles in the newspapers you can find them yourself. Here is just one on our FDNY mourning at St. Pat’s. Who would have thought our FDNY, NYPD and all rescue workers that survived would be told sorry no room for you today....but all these years there was no room downtown to honor the largest loss of rescue workers in our Nation, State, City’s history!

Notification issued 9/11/11 at 9:00 AM. Due to the national 9/11 Moment of Remembrance today, September 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM, various sirens may be heard around New York City.

Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches -- read my blog post the FDNY press dept. wrote me and stated the FDNY’s radios worked Sept. 11.

I wrote some pieces on September 11 non-fiction and than I started writing fiction as a form of catharsis so I will include links.

The Going a fictional piece dedicated to our NYPD Detectives that went back and force from the WTC site to the Morgue like pinch hitting guardian angels.

September 11 we experienced mass murder and destruction. The goal also was to destroy our economy but in fact our very own greedy amoral Wall Street people and government power brokers like Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner in my opinion helped achieve what the terrorists intended...believe the list is very long and it includes many corrupt politicians and bankers, etc. It was not just a handful and for racists it was not just one ethnic background but a United Nations of greed and stupidity similar to the greedy and stupidity responsible for the largest white collar crimes EVER in NYC gov. history. Albany is also up to it’s eyeballs in corruption with Espada and Kruger just two name 2 speaking of which we don’t even have a hospital in the West Village 10 years after September 11 and Christine Quinn a corrupt puppet for Mike Bloomberg is too busy taking money from the Rudin family for her mayoral run to fight with her community to demand a hospital but St. Vincent’s was open and I remember my MD went over there and treated FDNY firefighters who upon treatment went back down to the WTC.

I tried to volunteer at St. Vincent’s but they did not need volunteers. I remember long lines of folks hoping to donate blood but their blood was not needed. My Sept. 11 website with stories and art -- a memorial of sorts...

Running Downtown -- Memorial Run -- I remember Capt. Pat Brown (who seemed to love my passion and intensity in Karate class) and NYPD Hero Moira Smith as just two examples of heroism Sept. 11 “Rocky’s Resilience” by Suzannah B. Troy

A touching response to my piece by Barbara Ruether:

I just had to tell you that your piece, Rocky's Resilience, was so moving, I cried. I have sent it to some of my nursing friends who did work with the SRO Homeless Program at St. Vincent's, and one who knew the FDNY quite well through the ER. Thank you so much. You are very talented. Since the word around CIty Hall was that there never would be a hospital /er back on the St. Vincent's site "don't want the homeless hanging around" those condos, where there is no affordable housing even to be considered...we're luxury you know.....
And you are politically a real sharp knife.

From Barbara Ruether


On this sad day that leaves me feeling like I am walking through wet cement I do have to get in to politics? Why? Because politicians are exploiting Sept. 11? You don’t believe me. Rent “Guiliani Time” and read up and do your own investigative work on CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech system both tax payer’s Titanic and Rudy’s buddies are lobbyists -- nice work if you can get it but most of would not take it because the tax payers were being robbed and raped.

Why on 9-11 would I talk about this? Because what corrupt politicians and biz people did was what the terrorists 9-11 hoped to accomplish Sept. 11, 2011. They wanted to bring down our economy while the folks pulling the strings wanted to become even richer and more powerful but our very own have done it on...

Great article. Reads like fiction but it is the truth! I wrote a story 2003 called “chopping the street, one mega-million at a time” , starts with life after Sept. 11 in NYC but it is about a woman that takes over an international biker club and turns them into a global financial service firm on wheels. My point was that white collar crime is above the law and costs the tax payers a fortune whether they are caught and often they are not or prosecuted successfully or not. It is sad the Feds could not stop the crime and were not monitoring them with the measures the do with organized crime so does this make what you point out legalized organized crime?

By the way, I submitted Chopping the Street to The New Yorker, Playboy, Esquire...they all past on the story but Fox has a hit tv show Sons of Anarchy. Ironic huh?

Please google my name and CityTime SAIC also ECTP 911 Tech System and board of ed deals for the largest white collar crimes ever in NYC gov. history although sadly most New Yorkers don’t seem to know we have the largest theft and fraud of tax payer money EVER!!!! Here I am with Local 375 standing outside SAIC’s NYC offices and I talk about RICO charges meaning x3


I sent out this email yesterday and I am getting tired of sending emails out...

Bloomberg Haggerty will Judge DA join NY Post Editors the media protecting Mike Bloomberg + 9-11 Rocky's Resilience
in response to NY Post editorial today

Wayne Barrett and Aram Roston clearly reveal Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws. Barrett pointed out it carries jail time. Barrett is no longer employed by a newspaper.

I start my YouTube focusing on the Partnership for NY.

For St. Vincent's hospital people note Bill Rudin is on the partnership.
I call the Partnership the Oligarchy of NYC.

Anyone watching the classic Mr. Smith goes to Washington knows newspaper owners now media moguls are ruling oligarchs or want to be.
Not a new concept.

My piece is long but powerful and no newspaper would publish it.

Sept. 11 very very sad day My piece Rocky's Resilience about an FDNY lt. that survived just barely....


Chopping the Street and The Going in written form --excerpts...