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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

St. Vincent’s Hospital Vs. Rudin Condos 1) Bill Rudin Thugs Admit No Affordable Housing

Community Board meeting on St. Vincent’s We Need a hospital in the West Village but what did come out ---

When one of Bill Rudin’s high priced thugs not Mitchell Moss got finished speaking there was utter silence....not even polite applause...

1) no affordable in Rudin Condo

2) no answers re: concerns lack of room for school children

3) Also the Foundling Hospital on 16th and 6th street for the poor and the Rudin’s I hear via the street were involved in it having it made in to school. but this is 2 hospitals belly and closed.

The Rudin pretend now that we don’t need a hospital and they are not interest community concerns!

Bill Rudin, NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia U., Donald Trump and countless other developers under Bloomberg have destroyed this city and pushed reckless development on old NY’s infrastructure which is buckling, busting, exploding and collapsing but their “greed is good” mentality also greed and stupidity matches their Wall St. pals who we are bailed out and Christine Quinn’s Mike’s mini-me is enjoying campaign donations from them and Quinn hired Tony Simone a Goldman Sach’s gun to be her community guy because Wall St. is the only community Quinn is interested in since she is not fighting the Rudins demanding a hospital but the Rudins along with NYU, and CU have donated to Quinn’s mayoral run. Christine Quinn is a sell-out and she is bought and paid for.

We must vote her out and one of her punishments is she will have to pay her own legal bills.

My theory is Christine Quinn and her staff have the biggest bills ever for defense attorneys specializing in White Collar Crime EVER!

Read post The NY Post articles and than try to convince me someone or some people very close to the US Attorney made the stalled slush fund investigations go away.

Look up donors above link.