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Monday, September 19, 2011

NYU Evil Empire Continues Destructive Expansion As Community Roars in Protest!

NYU uses it’s not for profit status as a tax shclter to destroy our communities and push everyone who is not paying them top dollar or on their pay roll out as they weigh heavy on our old infrastructure and their zone busting development is bad for the environment as well but John Sexton is like Mike Bloomberg and Wall St destroying everything in their path because of greed and stupidity!

You can read more about NYU's announcement in GlobeStreet, Real Estate Weekly, Washington Square News, and the New York Times.

(NYU will still seek possession of the other two strips, one of which, on Mercer Street between Houston and Bleecker Streets, they are also seeking permission to build a nearly 1 million square foot building on top of). In their announcement, NYU said that this move "gives the community what it has sought for many years" (view details HERE).