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Friday, September 30, 2011

NY Post Gives Christine Quinn Hell Covering up For Bloomberg -- Suzannah Troy say Vacco Costello Call Quinn to the Stand Slush Money Haggerty Trial

I am an artist and I am not familiar with our Justice system except for our Justice system going the way of Wall Street - destroyed by greed and $tupidity. The NYPD Rape Heroin cop, Christine Quinn and city council slush investigation (US Attorney) and Bloomberg, deputy mayors past and present, Mike's money mules all given immunity official or Quinn unofficial flagrantly above the law. I want Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello to call Cy Vance and ask him with the penalty of perjury whether Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws. Infact call the lawyer from the DA representing The People supposedly and ask him and Mike Bloomberg if Mike broke campaign laws because he did. Read the sections of the campaign laws and ask the DA, Bloomberg, Pat Harris, Kevin Sheekey, Allison Jaffin if Mike broke campaign laws. Unlike Steve Rattner they cannot plead the 5th 62 times and pay to not plead guilty and pay to not go to jail.

Wow could we get a full forensic audit of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign spending of the last two mayoral runs. It would not include all the slush money aka tax payer money Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn used and abused to push through a third term while denying us The PEOPLE a referendum to vote on whether we want term limits or not.

How about how Mike’s charities were used to funnel money to reward those who helped him steal a third term?

Can we look at every which way Mike funneled money to his people some using them as money mules using how many different ways from the dummy company not Bloomberg News to pay Allison Jaffin and two other administrative assistants to NYC government payroll where they received their 2nd salary and don’t even get me started on Cy Vance and claims he too may have broken campaign laws or came awfully close to doing so....Does he owe Mark Guma and his family favors because Guma’s wife worked on Bloomberg’s campaign as well and with Haggerty! They pulled her off and she and Christine Quinn got written up in The NY Times for integrity lapses and intimidation.

Can we see all Bloomberg’s campaign staff and how they were paid -- or if they volunteered can we track if they were funneled money plus favors perks including rides on Air Bloomberg etc. ?

Reminder Mike snuck in secretively to testify in front of a grand jury on Haggerty last year.....


Now corrupt Christine Quinn is preventing us from any accountability on where Bloomberg Cayman Island investments none of our business.