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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Man Hole Cover Explodes 7th St 2nd ave where may 2007 med size water main break
Read this piece and watch the video.

Same street in August of this year with water gushing but nothing compared to the medium size water main beak that occurred one block from Cooper Union’s zone busting construction 2007.

I did a post on this same location a week or so ago with water gushing every where and street has been a mess with larger craters making it hard for handicap and stroller pushing parents to contend with on both the east and west side of 7th street on 2nd ave.

Check 5th street by the 9th Precinct east west sides of 2nd and see same bad street conditions. Pretty much the same with all streets throughout NYC except the bike lanes but the lower east side to Chelsea a record number of man hole covers exploding, water main breaks, sewage gas leaks and in this case an intersection that won't heal that has hurt small businesses and residents.

People noted the water main break occurred in May 2007 when Cooper Union was busting through zoning with their hideous studio building that belongs in a bad Hollywood sic-fi building not the Bowery. At the time Cooper Union denied any responsibility from2 water main breaks with in a block d
From their construction.