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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Evil Real Estate Magnate Cooper Union At It Again New Evil Action Goal to Evict St. Mark’s Book Store

Sssh please don’t disturb the students who are not fighting corporate greed or anti-establishment but enjoying free tuition and most support the corrupt real estate deals Bloomberg and his corrupt socialite city planner pushed through including the hideous mirrored building that Cooper land leases so if you buy a multi-million dollar condo sucker it is on leased property and this is a wonderful lesson in real estate for all those students enjoying Peter Cooper’s gift which was to help poor people not evict the people struggling to survive in the neighborhood.

The real estate corrupt dealings by Cooper are many so I dubbed them NYU jr. and the streets are constantly breaking open, water main breaks, gas leaks, sewage, man hole cover explosions thanks to Cooper Union, NYU, NY Law dorm busting through zoning meant to protect the neighborhood.