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Monday, September 26, 2011

East Village Bar Exposed NYPD Rape Cop Faces Closure

I hate bar noise but it is too bad they bar can’t do more to keep the place quiet because the owner showed amazing courage and guts and I never saw anyone on the committee board with that kind of courage but rather they appeared to be in bed with NYU and night life. The head of the community board for years owned at least 10 bars and I would go complain about the bars and never once did he or Stetzer say for the record put n the minutes David McWater owns x amount of bars in the E. Village. I was shocked when I had found out because David once handed me his card and said he was a small business owner. I wrote Bloomberg and Scott Stringer and pointed out it was a conflict of interest and they did nothing which is one big reason I urge people to not consider Stringer for mayor.

Can the SLA and CB3 explain how the Webster Hall owners got two full bars for the Pour House across the street from Webster Hall with all the complaints about Webster Hall night life noise drunk rowdy behavior from bars by the hall and the name “pour house” double entendre doubly offensive. Sure hope no one at the SLA took some bribes.