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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cover-Ups Continue 2nd Avenue Sewage Breaks Manhole Covers Exploding Water Main Breaks SSShh The Greed Developers Crushing our Community and Con Ed

This is across the street from the sewage break and I had a very respectful conversation with a DEP guy who said he would launch an investigation in to the man hole cover and water main breaks but this has been going on for years me writing the city and I told him I had just sent the head of DEP an email so I have little hope. This is Sunday AM and before I spoke to him I saw a pretty very young woman parking the DEP car in this picture above....note the street conditions are dangerous and awful and have been for years and I always thought that was ironic on the 9th Precincts block... I first approached the young woman and she was so young I asked are you actually an NYC gov dep worker? She said yes but referred to this guy who implied he was investigating this sewage mess.

Fifth and 5th Street sewage break and the streets have been awful here - actually dangerous but that is standard for NYC throughout the City for years as Bloomberg pushed a reckless Tsunami of Development. Bloomberg and Burden have left quite a mess and burden to the People of NYC both tax wise and safety wise as they pushed a way too rapid and dangerous development on OLD NY’s infrastructure.

Man hole cover explosion continues to be worked on and Con Ed has camped out here.

Man hole cover explosion Sept. 8, 2011 and here they are working on Sunday because something is very wrong.

August 31, 2011

Same spot -- looks like a water main break - something is wrong pumping water and than a week later man hole cover explosion which is the link above BUT NOT NEWS WORTHY FOR THE NY POST, NY TIMES AND NYDN?

Same spot May 23, 2007

Also note I am so happy another activist has made a YouTube on this intersection. He is the real deal and not one of my stalkers that also steals my work.

St. Marks Place -- special cleaning crew comes in early Sunday AM when most people would not see them....nice but the procedure is loud enough and I wonder if it is related to the manhole cover explosion the media is refusing to cover that ties in to the water main break from 4 and half years ago covered by NY1 and WPIX.

It has been years and the streets here keep breaking open as if there are terrorists bombing secretly under ground and the worst is where the man hole cover exploded on 2nd Avenue and 7 where small biz seem to be closing because of the water main break, etc.

2nd Avenue St. Marks -- they came early Sunday AM and cleaned up what ever needed cleaning down in the man hole cover and than left quickly and quietly in contrast to their very noisy work.

Do you think on Sunday they hoped no one would notice.

The environmental cleaning truck and the Con Ed car behind it Sunday AM St. Marks man hole cover and they are parked just above on 2nd Avenue. This truck sneaking in to do some clean-up but nothing like the media has done for Bloomberg and thugs including real estate magnates, tech and military companies doing biz with the State and City and Christine Quinn.

Folks -- I believe our Con Ed bills are going up to pay for all these reckless development where infrastructure development was an after thought and took a back seat to safety. We are paying for all the sky piercing hotels, condos and mega dorms along with Cooper Union getting to bust through zoning to rent property that has nothing to do with higher education but real estate greed so the Universities have found yet another way to take advantage and hurt tax payers but this is dangerous and reckless.

Cooper Union and the hotel next to along with all the mega dorms should have addressed infrastructure concerns 1st and they did not.