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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Corrupt Bloomberg and Pals Put Real Estate Greed before Infrastructure Safety

Some water main breaks are just too big to ignore but mostly the newspapers try their best to ignore them and why is that. Include NY1 as well who I also called and they along with WPIX covered the original water main break in the E. Village. So what’s up?

FYI: Bill Sanderson The NY Post refused to cover this story....

Read below to learn more....

Duh Mike -- it is a no brainer you can’t push a Tsunami of Development on old NY’s infrastructure but you got a viscous socialite city planner mega-millionaire Cathie Black who knows how to play the game to make pals even richer and you got DOB to pass out permits like rain so we had how many deaths?

I would email Dan Doctoroff re: infrastructure concerns and demanding the mayor slow down and put safety first. Doctoroff had a DEP woman email me referring me to their site stating everything was fine.

Than the Steam Pipe Explosion that looked a like a terrorist attack by Grand Central happened and shortly there after Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff left. I later found out an organization of Engineers was doing the same as I was and also demanding a deputy mayor of infrastructure but Doctoroff said he was the deputy of infrastructure. Maybe that is why he left when he did?

Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch have editors at the NY Post famous for misogyny and also censorhship. I called the NY Post and asked for Bill Sanderson because he had done a infrastructure piece like this one and when he heard my name he said he did not want to talk to me and hung up the phone.
This is what Bill Sanderson refused to cover. He is no different than the NYDN and NYTimes all have blacked out anyone critical of Bloomberg and courageous enough to speak out period but to not report a story about continued water main breaks, man hole covers exploded, record number of gas leaks, sewage break that goes on beyong 2 blocks by the 9th Precinct’s Station on 2nd Avenue just 2 blocks from the man hole cover and water main breaks makes the Murdochs and someone as arrogant and wrong as Bill Sanderson look awful and the phone hacking scandal may come here to NYC so how pathetic and wrong does Bill Sanderson who represents the Murdochs come off...very.