May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Suzannah B. Troy Welcome To The Media Blackout

As soon as I became critical of Bloomberg I was blacked out by the media along with all the voices of opposition.

Mike Bloomberg to Testify Monday! Mike Did U Really Think He Could Spend 1.1 mill in a day?

Comment below I attempt to get past The NY Times censors! Note I think John Elligon and his editors are sexist pigs covering for misoygnist lawyer Chad Seigel by not naming him for his in your face hate crime in court does “it” snap shut like a (Venus) Fly Trap? in the infamous NYPD Rape Cop trial where a guilty cop walked but here goes.....

True or false? Cy Vance gave Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg immunity officially or is it unofficially. Considering that the DA tried to prevent Haggerty from defending himself isn’t odd that if Vance gave Team Bloomberg immunity that The New York Times has not reported it. Cy Vance has stated Mike did not broke campaign laws but Mike Bloomberg did break campaign laws and it is a Misdemeanor A that carries up to a year in jail. Mike wired 1.1 million dollars out of his personal account the day before the election and even if Paris Hilton worked for Mike on his campaign she would have a heard time spending that amount of money in 24 hours. Did Mike Bloomberg the king of funneling money really believe Haggerty could disperse 1.1 million dollars to campaign workers and on campaign expenses in 24 hours? I don’t think so. The goal was to win at all costs and feel free to keep the change so to speak. Bloomberg never asked for a forensic audit for this mayoral run or the previous one where he funneled money to Haggerty as well. John Haggerty is innocent, as innocent as Mike Bloomberg that is.

RadioHead Occupy Wall St 4PM

NYDN Protects Mike and Cy Vance Priority Fines Liu Must Pay

We have a mayor that broke campaign laws and a DA that said he didn’t , a DA that let a rape cop with heroin in his locker role the punishment for heroin in to a 1 year sentence while your reporters interviewed me and African Americans came up to me as I protested outside criminal court and it did not make the news. African Americans said if hey had heroin on them they would be going to jail for years. We have the largest white collar crimes in NYC gov history and John Liu has shut them down while Bloomberg and Thompson let them flourish. The NYDN blacked out my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale Posters which are historical and I did not break the law posting them. They should pay up. I wish I could have put my posters in all the empty store fronts and light poles

East Village Books Busts Book Thief!

NY Post Gives Christine Quinn Hell Covering up For Bloomberg -- Suzannah Troy say Vacco Costello Call Quinn to the Stand Slush Money Haggerty Trial

I am an artist and I am not familiar with our Justice system except for our Justice system going the way of Wall Street - destroyed by greed and $tupidity. The NYPD Rape Heroin cop, Christine Quinn and city council slush investigation (US Attorney) and Bloomberg, deputy mayors past and present, Mike's money mules all given immunity official or Quinn unofficial flagrantly above the law. I want Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello to call Cy Vance and ask him with the penalty of perjury whether Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws. Infact call the lawyer from the DA representing The People supposedly and ask him and Mike Bloomberg if Mike broke campaign laws because he did. Read the sections of the campaign laws and ask the DA, Bloomberg, Pat Harris, Kevin Sheekey, Allison Jaffin if Mike broke campaign laws. Unlike Steve Rattner they cannot plead the 5th 62 times and pay to not plead guilty and pay to not go to jail.

Wow could we get a full forensic audit of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign spending of the last two mayoral runs. It would not include all the slush money aka tax payer money Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn used and abused to push through a third term while denying us The PEOPLE a referendum to vote on whether we want term limits or not.

How about how Mike’s charities were used to funnel money to reward those who helped him steal a third term?

Can we look at every which way Mike funneled money to his people some using them as money mules using how many different ways from the dummy company not Bloomberg News to pay Allison Jaffin and two other administrative assistants to NYC government payroll where they received their 2nd salary and don’t even get me started on Cy Vance and claims he too may have broken campaign laws or came awfully close to doing so....Does he owe Mark Guma and his family favors because Guma’s wife worked on Bloomberg’s campaign as well and with Haggerty! They pulled her off and she and Christine Quinn got written up in The NY Times for integrity lapses and intimidation.

Can we see all Bloomberg’s campaign staff and how they were paid -- or if they volunteered can we track if they were funneled money plus favors perks including rides on Air Bloomberg etc. ?

Reminder Mike snuck in secretively to testify in front of a grand jury on Haggerty last year.....


Now corrupt Christine Quinn is preventing us from any accountability on where Bloomberg Cayman Island investments none of our business.

NY Post Gives Christine Quinn Hell Covering up For Bloomberg -- Suzannah Troy say Vacco Costello Call Quinn to the Stand Slush Money Haggerty Trial

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me is so corrupt she belongs in jail but the US attorney gave her unofficial immunity on the slush (slush money is tax payer money) fund investigation which costs tax payers over 100,000 in legal bills which was exposed by The NY Post along with another article pointing out she had not filled the watch dog position on slush money abuse in 2 years).

Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello should call her to the witness stand and ask if she did infact use and abuse slush money to deny voters a referendum and push through a third term for Mike Bloomberg and herself because of a back room deal if you sit out running for mayor, I, Mike will back your run after I am done being king of New York.

Christine Quinn went from a dysfunctional person who could not even pay her rent on time causing her to be sued several times for back rent to enjoying Wall Street bail-out money being funneled to her campaign for mayor along with greedy corrupt real estate developers some posing as working for higher ed like NYU and Cooper Union.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Here Comes Trouble Michael Moore Book Signing 7pm

Read my post earlier mentioning Michael Moore and what I would discuss with him if I had an opportunity to chat. I stopped in St. Marks Bookstore and purchased a copy from the owner.

I am off to celebrate The Jewish New Year. La Shana Tova so no book signing tonight at St. Marks. It is great that Michael is doing this to help the book store that now faces 20,000.00 a month rent. Cooper Union is NYU jr. Read my post.

I was not a Michael Moore fan but after dealing with having my entire YouTube Channel removed before the mayoral election where 6 months prior I predicted Mike may not win do to voter anger I began to warm to Moore's work.

I bought the book and am enjoying the read as I travel on luxurious public transportation...

Michael Moore St. Marks Book Signing St Tonight NYC Round-Up by Suzannah B. Troy Artist Michael Moore will be helping St. Marks Books Store fight eviction and extortion by Cooper Union, NYU jr., the junior evil empire of the East Village since NYU mega-dormed the East Village to death.

Thanks Michael and good luck with your book “Here comes Trouble”.

2) Michael Bloomberg wants to GPS city workers but we the People are not allowed to know where he is when he is out of the city and Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me, made sure he has privacy protected like Cayman Island Investments (can we ask Steve Rattner about that? Steve pleaded the fifth 62 times re:his role in NY Pensions fund which was a conflict of interest since he is Mike’s money manager as well as other owners of media companies -- hint NYT, NYDN -- let us use the term “was” because Steve is technically suspended but Mike still is protecting him the way Mike wants to be protected!) Note -- Mike spent a record amount of money on CityTime to prevent theft by city workers -- Rudy Giuliani’s idea and Rudy through out AutoTime created and run by City Workers for CityTime, I dubbed the Tax Payer’s Titanic -- mean while a record number of consultants Mike outsourced work to stole mega-millions of tax payer dollars -- read my 2nd NYTimes comment below.

Suzannah B. Troy having a Michael Moore money outside SAIC offices NYC with Local 375 and other Unions demanding SAIC gives us a billion dollars x 3 as in RICO charges slightly more than the 600 million Mike is asking for back.

WSJ Bloomberg Quinn None of Your Biz Where I travel@

wow I made it past the NY Times censors...when that happens I go back for a 2nd try to say more of what I really want to say... here goes....

3) More stealing white collar crime Dept. of Education....

4) Christine Quinn’s message to animals NYC Drop Dead like the message to the people in her district where she allowed St. Vincent’s to close because she was bought by the Rudin Family as well as enjoying Wall St. bail-out money for her mayoral run.

5) Mike Bloomberg and his deputy mayors and money mules got immunity from Cy Vance after Cy Vance Dirty DA lied and said Mike Bloomberg did not break campaign laws. If Mike didn’t than why does he and “Team Bloomberg” need immunity. Mike is paying for his money mules, well paid staff’s legal bills -- some are paid by his private empire, some his public some both! Sure glad the conflicts of interest committee (the biggest joke in town) found Patricia Harris, Allison Jaffin and everyone else on the planet not posing any conflicts of interest! Everyone testifying on behalf of Mike Bloomberg is on his payroll or payrolls because Mike is creative when it comes to funneling money but reminder Mike is not on trial -- Haggerty is! Hardee har -- Christine Quinn has unofficial immunity as well -- US Attorney gets F on Slush fund investigation.... So nice to have official or unofficial immunity and be above the law right Mike and Christine, Pat Harris, etc.

Ask Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel Why Rapes are Up in NYC and Under reported?

No one in the media had the courage or brain power to ask that question when Tacopina Seigel held their press conference outside criminal court when the Judge ordered the NYPD Rape Cop with HEROIN in his locker to jail immediately ---- instead it was the usual informercial but I was screaming from across the street holding up my protest signs with Joe Tacopina’s face and his salary written on his forehead along with the fact they put the rape victim on trial and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who asked if “it” snapped shut like a fly in your face hate crime in court which of course was lossed on the jury.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel were viscous to the NYPD rape victim but very sensitive when it comes to their faces being written on. Apparently poor Chad Seigel was most upset...

Joe Tacopina said the jury has college degree. Duh, really.....Joe, so did all the Wall Street guys that made Wall Street imploded and from the best Universities Joe Tacky-o-pina who brags on his website about getting the infamous NYPD Heroin Rape cop off. I have to add heroin because Cy Vance our dirty DA let the rape cop off -- put it this way if you are Black or Hispanic and not a cop and you had heroin on you -- Cy wouldn’t be rolling your punishment in to a year sentence would he?

Wall Street Protestors Victims of Pepper Spray Investigation Launched

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Moore book signing Here Comes Trouble St. Marks Bookstore Tomorrow!

A note from Cooper Sq. Committee: Michael Moore at book signing tomorrow St. Marks -- see details down below....

From Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Dear Michael Moore: Would love to chat about Bloomberg SAIC CityTime ECTP Northrup Grumman and the BIGGEST White Collar Crimes ever NYC gov....and all under Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor next and Wall St. is donating it’s bail-out money big time to her campaign....

Michael I want to talk to you but how Cooper Union, NYU jr. is destroying and displacing communities like Columbia U. abusing eminent domain to move an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville but I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year.

Maybe you can further shame NYU jr. aka Cooper Union from not evicting St. Marks Bookstore which can’t afford to be on St. Mark’s anymore or any where in the E. Village because of Cooper Union, NYU, NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death, NY Law has a mega dorm next to the Hells Angels and SVA all confusing the community with dorm fodder and they use their not for profit status as a tax shelter and bust thru zoning using the term “community facility”but they exclude the facility. I demand community outreach centers in every University “community facility” so Michael Moore shame Cooper Union.

Cooper Union has this “neogtiating with terrorists” but for some reason Cooper Union did not included themselves as terrorists and NYU as well as Columbia U. in this EVENT.

Below the email from Cooper Square Committe and FYI here is one example how Fran and Joyce a true heres ..... Jason tells us how he is fighting cancer. Without Joyce and the work she does he and his Mom could have been homeless living in a shelter after the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd St.

Jason’s positive attitude is heroic and he has beaten the cancer and having a home may have helped as much as being a victim of mass eviction must have hurt.

We at the Cooper Square Committee want to thank you for signing the St Mark's Bookshop Petition.

We have an unexpected update:
Michael Moore will be at the bookstore tomorrow, Thursday at 7 pm to sign his new exciting book "Here Comes Trouble."

Yesterday the Public Affairs Office at Cooper Union, the St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, sent out a letter saying Cooper Union's Board was asking its Finance and Business Affairs Committee to examine the request to lower the bookstore's rent from its current $20,000 a month. The outcome will be announced at the end of October.

We believe that Cooper Union is stonewalling this issue, hoping our community will forget about the bookstore. We need you to send this petition out to all of your friends and family today. Help us reach 50,000 signatures by the middle of October.


Frances Goldin, a founder of the Cooper Square Committee, and
Joyce Ravitz, Chairperson

p.s. Michael -- it is Suzannah -- can we talk about the Haggerty Trial how Bloomberg is doing to the justice system what he did to democracy when he and his mini-me Christine Quinn denied us a referendum.

Did a lot of posts but on my main blog

“Mike Bloomberg” New Term in the Dictionary for Arrogance, Contempt and Hubris

"Mike Bloomberg” New Term in Dictionary for “Beyond Hubris, Contempty and Arrogance" Reminder folks the arrogant litte emperor of NYC instructed us to Think Bloomberg. The MTA ad people refused to tell me how much Mike spent as did his public relations people at his private empire and the MTA ad people would not give me a quote on a price to run my own ad -- “When Mike Bloomberg says “Progress” he means get the moving van!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City Council Margaret Chin Sell-out 135 Bowery

oneCity Council Strips Landmark Status from 135 Bowery

Last week, the City Council voted to strip landmark status from the recently designated 1817 federal-style house at 135 Bowery. 135 Bowery is one of the oldest intact structures in this area, and reflective of the earliest phase of urban development in New York City.
from a designated New York City landmark. The house is located within City Councilmember Margaret Chin's district. After initially expressing support for designation, Councilmember Chin eventually urged her colleagues on the Council to overturn the designation in favor of a plan by First American International Bank to build a new commercial office building on the site.

One ray of sunshine: local Councilmember Rosie Mendez voted against the overturning of the landmark designation, much as she did the last time the Council voted to overturn a landmark designation (unfortunately, she was again the only Councilmember to do so).

If you would like to contact your Councilmember to let them know what you think of their vote on overturning the landmark designation of 135 Bowery, CLICK HERE.

Dirty Patricia Harris Paid Half Mill $ Bloomberg’s No. 1 on Stand Dodging Perjury Suzannah B. Troy Cy Vance Dirty DA Shirt

How much did Patti Harris get paid by @MikeBloomberg campaign in 2005? $450,000, she said. #haggerty I was sent this tweet. I say half a million because don’t forget the tax payers pay to drive Pat Harris her royal corrupt highness around even when she is working on Mike’s charity on NYC gov. time as well as countless other Bloombergian perks. (For more dirt on Pat and her husband -- a judge who Mike Bloomberg appointed to the board of the MTA along with Mark Page who has not been arrested for any role in CityTime debacle read this! Make sure to read The NY Times article on her husband and reminder her step-son is the head of which dept. NYC gov.? Remember Pat Harris refused to tell us where she was during Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010? Pat worked for mayor Kock third term corruption can’t compare with Mike Bloombergs!

Wow, lucky Bloomberg’s deputy mayors and money mules are above the law and Dirty DA Cy Vance gave them immunity and I am sure Christine Quinn has unofficial immunity just like the evil Wall Street people that got bailed out and donate to her charity! Dennis Vacco and Raymond call Christine Quinn to the stand and ask her if she used slush money to help Mike steal a third term. (I love the pile of garbage at the end of the YouTube -- so NYC especially under Mike Bloomberg the ex-king of NYC.)

Back of the undershirt says

Cy Vance

Dirty DA

NYPD Rape Cop Heroin

Front of undershirt: Mayor Broke Campaign Laws -- went down this morning and made this YouTube and asked People to vote against Christine Quinn and vote Cy Vance out of office. Lots of People looked at my shirt front and back. An elderly woman who was too afraid to come on camera told me how she and her friends can barely get buy even with social security and Mike Bloomberg who visited them said -- he is old too. Some how that fact did not comfort her and her senior friends.

Did you ever wonder why Mike Bloomberg stands by Steve Rattner and so many corrupt city workers and pals in management when they do something wrong? Because it is easy for him to understand!

Gee it is so fun and relaxing to take on the richest most vicious corrupt folks in NYC! I recommend everyone go for it! So far I have only had my YouTube channel take down, been cyber stalked, had a Wiki page on my work being censored attacked including by Sock Puppet accounts that were banned from Wiki so go for it! Lucky this isn’t Mexico. RIP.

Make sure to read my posts from early today and last night.

And this one from a few days ago Allison Jaffin money mule’s husband worked for NYC gov as well....for a scandal ridden dept. but which dept. isn’t?

Mike are you going to turn over your emails to Haggerty?

Ditto all his deputy mayors, Allison Jaffin, etc. and for those big names that worked on both elections...the emails please and don’t forget Ms. Slush and Intimidation Christine Quinn who should be called to the stand in the Bloomberg Haggerty Trial.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kevin Sheekey Yes or No? Did You Know Mike Bloomberg was funneling money to Haggerty?

Kevin Sheekey Yes or No? Did You Know Mike Bloomberg was funneling money to Haggerty?

Was Allison Jaffin a drug mule....oops, sorry, I meant to say was Allison Jaffin a money mule -- used to help funnel money to Haggerty so Mike’s deputy mayors did not have to get their hands dirty?

Allison herself had money funneled from Mike via a dummy company of his not Bloomberg news.
Everyone with immunity -- everyone protected received $$$$ and is -- from Mike.
Ask Jaffin on the stand what she was doing for Mike that she earned 2 6 figure salaries?

Mike Bloomberg’s lawyer Martian Geller set up a company called “Midtown West” and we humble folks are just wondering out loud what for -- for funneling money? (see link above...)

Why does anyone working for Mike Bloomberg -- his private empire like Doctoroff and Sheekey or his public like Patricia Harris and than their is Allison and at least 2 other women that work for both -- 2 payroll checks.....why do they need immunity... Cy Vance said Mike did not break campaign laws but it appears he did break campaign laws and he had help and other people knowing his actions...not an island....on to himself (ha ha like Cayman’s or NYC another Island Mike wrongly thought he was king or emperor of.)

I hope Haggerty’s lawyers will ask each and every deputy mayor that question and I want Christine Quinn cross examined and the use of slush money by her and Mike Bloomberg! I know it’s me dreaming but the dirty DA Cy Vance has given them all immunity and if Quinn has to face scrutiny she will be protected as well. By the way if you are granted immunity do you get to plead the 5th? I hear they do not get to plead the 5th -- and that if they do not tell the truth -- they break their immunity and can be indicted.

I knew Mike funneled money to Haggerty! I read Aram Roston’s article that said Mike did it 2 elections in a row! Read Wayne Barrett’s piece and you know Mike’s lawyers asked you know used the word “funnel” but I call Mike Bloomberg the king of funneling money! Mike funneled a lot of money via slush aka tax payer money along with Christine Quinn, charity money and his private money...sometimes using “money mules”!

He funneled money through the Republican Party to Haggerty the election before as Aram Roston pointed out.

What Cy Vance is aiding and abetting here is criminal and again I ask who do we call to investigate a dirty DA? Who do we call to investigate US Attorney that let Christine Quinn and the slush investigation walk away after 2 years of sitting on it and Quinn leaving the spot for a watch dog empty?
Who do I call Ghost Busters.....pathetic.....and with poor and middle class being ticketed and even wrongly arrested as we have celebrities, athletes, religious leaders, city hall official get tickets fixed and perhaps the PBA does more than tickets and to date no city official arrested on CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, etc. and other corruption NYC gov. even when caught stealing like Karen Shaffer....just the little people.

Mayor Bloomberg & Team Immunity? Cy Dirty

Why does Mike Bloomberg and “Team Bloomberg” need immunity? First the DA tried to prevent them from being called and now they have immunity because they are involved in breaking campaign laws which is a Misdemeanor A and carries jail time. Vacco call Vance to the stand and ask Vance if Guma (now Christine Quinn’s campaign guy) dismissing campaign $ owed puts the DA in a position of owing the Guma family favors? Than ask Cy Vance why Mike Bloomberg needs immunity when Cy himself Mike said did not break campaign laws (when in fact Mike did and Cy came awfully close as well and some people think that Vance to broke campaign laws but I don’t know). Maybe breaking campaign laws are like jay walking but Mike is the king of funneling money and everyone given immunity got big bucks from Mike with Allison Jaffin getting 2 salaries - one from a dummy Bloomberg company not Bloomberg News. Cy Vance comes off as a dirty DA like the heroin NYPD Rape Cop getting less than a slap on the wrist and now this. Bloomberg and gang including Christine Quinn and Cy Vance, even the US Attorney that let Quinn walk
on the Slush all come off as corrupt as sin. Shameful. Folks -- this article came out Sunday morning and was now placed on NYDN’s website this afternoon. Rumor has it Cy Vance, dirty DA gave corrupt mayor Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg Allison Jaffin who gets 2 salaries -- one 6 figure salary NYC gov and another 6 figure salary from a dummy Bloomberg company not Bloomberg News aka Mike is the king of funneling money and everyone that gets immunity gets $ from guess who? You have the “little people” ticketed and arrested for 0 and Mike and gang above the law with the help of Dirty DA who let the NYPD rape cop get a wrist slap for heroin! Google Cy Vance Boy Toy not made by me for even more dirt + Deutche Bank + DSK. Do the math and welcome to City Crime Bloomberg getting away with big time city crime and Quinn and gang above the law. US Attorney let her walk on Slush money investigation! Who do we call to investigate the US Attorney and DA as well as Bloomberg, Allison Jaffin, Patricia Harris, Kevin Sheekey and Mark Page for CityTime, ECTP, NYCaps -- no NYC gov officials arrested and who at City Hall got favor fixing from NYPD?
Who do we call Ghost Busters? So sad and angry all I can do is joke but this is beyond shocking.

East Village Bar Exposed NYPD Rape Cop Faces Closure

I hate bar noise but it is too bad they bar can’t do more to keep the place quiet because the owner showed amazing courage and guts and I never saw anyone on the committee board with that kind of courage but rather they appeared to be in bed with NYU and night life. The head of the community board for years owned at least 10 bars and I would go complain about the bars and never once did he or Stetzer say for the record put n the minutes David McWater owns x amount of bars in the E. Village. I was shocked when I had found out because David once handed me his card and said he was a small business owner. I wrote Bloomberg and Scott Stringer and pointed out it was a conflict of interest and they did nothing which is one big reason I urge people to not consider Stringer for mayor.

Can the SLA and CB3 explain how the Webster Hall owners got two full bars for the Pour House across the street from Webster Hall with all the complaints about Webster Hall night life noise drunk rowdy behavior from bars by the hall and the name “pour house” double entendre doubly offensive. Sure hope no one at the SLA took some bribes.

Bloomberg in Court Tuesday to Testify Haggerty Trial

Folks the NYDN reported yesterday bloomberg is suppose to be in court tomorrow to testify. He broke campaign laws although Cy Vance and Mike’s puppets say other wise so Mike is in deep trouble. The laws he broke carry up to a year in jail.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Mr. Transparency (Not) To Testify Tuesday?
From Cayman Island Investments to where Mike was during Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010 to why Mike felt compelled to pay 3 administrative assistants 2 salaries through a dummy company not Bloomberg news rivaling Commissioner Kelly’s and for what services is none of the “little People” he has ticketed and even arrested for bull ////

but Tuesday the NYDN reported in it’s paper he is to testify this Tuesday which is hard to believe because when Haggerty’s lawyers Vacco andCastello their turn Mike is in deep trouble because he broke campaign laws and that is a Misdemeanor A which carries jail time.

FYI: the 1st day Cy Vance set up his Public Integrity Hotline I reported both Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn for um less than ethical behavior siting articles from The NY Observer and The Voice.

True News Covers NY Times Non-Coverage Haggerty, Suzannah B. Troy Bloomberg in Court Tuesday + NYDN article the racist factor?

Mike in court Tuesday and that is not news except the NYDN hard copy today!

And than besides breaking campaign laws, back room deals and all kinds of money funneling -- slush fund abuses, charity pay-offs there is also possible racism -- click on the above link to learn more....

Just a reminder: Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me -- and Bloomberg-Quinn joined forces using slush and intimidation to push through a third term!

NYCAPS CityTime 3 look at Suzannah B. Troy’s posts from yesterday on Suzannahbtroy blog

Did a series of posts on my other blogs and you need to read them if you want to learn more about the largest white collar crimes, rip-offs, thefts, fraud in NYC gov. EVER and The NY Times buried the story over the weekend on NYCAPS and it is a month after Josh Margolin’s piece which also gets in to lobbyists and take a looksie on key lobbyists on all the corrupt tech deals the tax payers were robbed and raped -- interesting.

My 2nd YouTube on CityTime 3 which was yesterday also gets in the Cy Vance and the NYPD rape cop heroin -- shameful handling and I urge you to email Eric Schneiderman and demand he investigate the DA’s handling of the heroin as well.

Search Google for NYCAPS CityTime 3 ECTP CityTime SAIC and or Cy Vance Boy Toy if you have some time.... or US Attorney Christine Quinn slush fund investigation

Mike Bloomberg in Court Tuesday Haggerty Trial NYDN Exposes Major Corruption Bloomberg Campaign Article Not on Website! Wow now all the big surges of traffic on my mayor bloomberg king of new york blog makes have to read Barbara Ross’s article -- damning in so many ways that are so wrong....

Bradley Tusk Kevin Sheekey Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Pat Harris Kevin Sheekey....
hey folks what did you know, when did you know it -- did you participate in breaking campaign laws....????????

Mike and pals spending lots of money even on this trial as the article points out but I am wondering if there is spill over in many ways for Christine Quinn as all the greed and stupidity that embodies the corrupt players here in NYC want her as mayor as well

Note: The NY Times and The NY Post - Non-reporting on this?

Even Paris Hilton would have difficulty spending 1.2 million dollars in less than a day!

Mike Bloomberg the king of funneling money!

St. Mark’s Church “I love Rats"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street NYPD Arrest 80 Protestors Pepper Spray See Video

Moneyball Great Film Brad Pitt Hot! by Suzannah B. Troy

The very crowded audience applauded and the movie earned the appreciation.

This film is not for the brainless consumers with short attention spans -- sorry folks but some brain activity is required.

Thumbs up for this understated quiet film. If Brad Pitt, hot, wasn’t in this film, it would be a very small sleeper but it isn’t small and the timing is excellent.

Expect Gold at the Oscars...or at leasts a series of nominations.

Bloomberg CityTime 3 NYCAPS NYTimes 1 month after Josh Margolin + NYTime Comments Slam Bloomberg!

Make sure you read the above link!

Where are the arrests and law suits to get our tax payer money back?

Read the comment I doubt will make it past The New York Times Censors but great news one comment slamming Bloomberg as a failure by someone other than me got past NYTime censors!

There are so many comments slamming Bloomberg but as usual the NYTimes “highlights” some bull-loney by an outsider like Mike raping NYC tax payers outsourcing and lay-off over 1,000 city workers?




September 24th, 2011

12:51 pm

holy cow! only in government can overruns get so large without anyone stopping to question the developers or project managers. I never liked Bloomberg, but I did expect this would be one area where he would make rapid dramatic process. This is an unbelievable failure, especially of the Mayor - how did he not step in at some point and redirect the management of this? Seems so out of character for the A-type personality that creates a billion dollar company. Stunning! The city has to be asking who is in charge?!?!



September 24th, 2011

12:51 pm

The problem with Mayor Bloomberg is that he gives all the big contract to his friends and relatives, and he has made the New York City his family business. If a thorough inquiry is done, a lot of irregularities will come out. Anyway it is an example that how the privileged and influential class are looting the money of common Americans, and the common Americans are on the brink of starvation and going homeless.



Upper West Side, NYC

September 24th, 2011

10:48 am

Since Bloomberg failed in the one task at which he was supposed to be most competent -- computerized information -- he should cover the $300 million over-budget portion from his own pocket. He probably won't, though, and will just lay off more innocent municipal workers instead.

Neil -- Mike is not offering to make up the difference on the 80 million stolen by Spherion Consultants. Mike said we would get all the money back. So far we got about 26 million back.




September 24th, 2011

11:27 am



Rosendale, NY

September 24th, 2011

11:28 am

363 million, how many teachers, firemen, cops, sanitation men is that?

Bloomberg brought this same bull-headedness and arrogance to the NYC public schools with much the same results. Overpaid and ineffectual consultants, failed and astronomically expensive digital programs. So tired of him.




September 24th, 2011

11:28 am

A $66 million project becomes a $363 million sinkhole under Bloomberg's regime--and with "work is far from done"?

CityTime has cost the city $740 MILLION, and is essentially the same story: "chronic mismanagement, cost overruns and rampant waste" (the Times' own words)--AND CRIMINAL charges in the CityTime case, which is by no means over, although, amazingly, it seems to have gotten swept under the rug.

$363 million, $740 million, in addition to $240 million on SAIC--not to mention $27 million to NewsCorp in a NO-BID award???? The pattern repeats OVER AND OVER, with no end in sight.

HOW can this be explained? Especially with such HUGE sums of money! Manifest incompetence combined with staggering arrogance and utter unwillingness to be transparent! And with those sums, WHAT is the role of old-style GRAFT and CORRUPTION?

At a time when teachers, cops, and firefighters are being fired, MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars are being misspent by the Bloomberg Administration. One wonder WHERE all the money is going?

And hope the Times will investigate and report.