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Monday, January 3, 2011

NYU the drug capital for college kids beats out Columbia U. but just by a little - no surprise the kids treat drugs the way NYU Pres. John Sexton trea

I have written countless times the drug dealers welcome the massive student expansion as much as the greedy monster behind it John Sexton and the community does not for many reason starting with not wanting to live in NYU-ville with illegal, corrupt real estate grabs, ditto for Columbia U. and all the NYU buses and trolleys - we get it -- John Sexton wants to keep all the drug addicts college kids away from public transportation to protect the community...?

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    01/03/2011 3:16 PM

    I get it! NYU students act the same way their President John Sexton does but he does it with our community grabbing up real estate in any greedy and corrupt way possible! Visit 120 East 12th Street. St. Ann's Church survived everything but NYU's need and greed to mega dorm the E. Village to death. In this corrupt deal the USPS, a mega-billion dollar loser that also is above the law never notified the State of NY when the sold the air space over St. Ann's to NYU as legally required. The USPS decided it was like blocking a fire hydrant or threatening and intimidating customers -- they can just do it and get away with it and they were right! The college kids at Columbia U., NYU, Cooper Union and those living in the illegal zone busting build on 3rd St. NY Law just do what their corrupt colleges do with illegal real estate dealing but they do it with drugs! No wonder NYU has kids take private buses and trolleys -- they want to protect us from their druggie college kids! I thought it was because NYU students were not bright enough to take public transportation like our NYC kids do!

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Mike Bloomberg is the party mayor and supports NYU and Columbia and Cooper Union's tear down and mass displacement so I am sure Mike's message is party on!