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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NYPD Ray Kelly Bloomberg's Det Kevin Lynch my lawsuit NYPD IAB Trolling Aggravated Harassment fixing favors?

  • Leave the poor guy alone and get a life. You just "stumble" on to this event ya right. The guy was nice and courteous and your harassing him. Just because you have a blog doesn't make you a journalist. Sorry writing this as i watch your F@$King CRAZY HAHAHA this is why crazy people shouldn't just have guns but should be taken off the street and put in a psych ward. Jacket in the 9/11 museum? your delusional

    • Suzannahartist 
      I understand that in the middle of the night you felt compelled to cyber bully and harass me on behalf of NYPD abuse. CCRB ruled in my favor but you may know that. What we know is that are a pathetic loser. Burying my Father I am so proud of me and I realize what a loser you are and what a great shame you are too your family. You won't get a eulogy like my Dad. My son trolled the internet and was guilty of aggravated harassment. My son was such a coward. You make your family so proud.
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    • Suzannahartist 
      Wow thank you. I am working towards getting a new Commission in to NYPD and IAB corruption even emailing and speaking with the FBI and I told them -- it is on my blog about on line harassment on behalf of the NYPD possibly actual NYPD or people getting fixing and favors. I know you are the same guy or part of a group. I am glad you are confident I won't get a subpoena and you know Kevin Lynch is in my lawsuit referenced so you just got him more attention. U know my Father just died too.
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      MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2013

      IAB Corruption Mayor Bloomberg Intelligence Division Det Lynch NYPDTroll Harasses Me As I Bury my WW2 Hero Father

      A different troll or the same (Google YouTube took action against cyber bully harasser calling me a cunt from the other day -- this time no "c" word)   on behalf of NYPD (or is NYPD) and the other day on behalf of IAB and my attacker Delita Hooks with a different sock puppet or connected to a gang that is protected or involved with NYPD Internal Affairs --- acts as an agent for the NYPD harassed me last night as I returned home from my Father's funeral and...

      FYI I interviewed one of the NYPD's Dirty Thirty so I understand the NYPD's capacity to murder and commits other crimes and Internal Affairs role aiding and abetting crime.  My subject was not involved in any murders but he told me IAB would coach the NYPD and prepare them before any tape recorders were turned on.  If IAB had sanctioned him instead of coached him early on he wouldn't have fallen to the depths he did.

      In my case I caught IAB and NYPD protecting NYPD making over Delita Hooks false cross complaint into mutual assault and IAB pretending they do
      not know the word coercion 

      CCRB ruled Kevin Lynch violated protocol so how did Ray Kelly punish him (or did he) Ray Kelly who
      insists on Tax Payers paying Det 
      John Vergona legal bills.
      Vergona coerced me in to dropping
      charges.  Ron Kuby 2 days after
      I was coerced upon learning I
      went to IAB and CCRB wrote 
      to Vergona I agree to drop charges
      against my attacker if my attacker 
      drops charges against me. 

      Ray's lawyer gave me the copy because
      I never got a copy so she did me a favor and I audio recorded IAB Sgt O'Donnell
      saying case closed based on that letter 

      Kuby's letter is short hand for coerced. I had a hole in my retina, floaters, cervical damage including bulging and herniated disks and not from the attack a collapse bladder. Ron and others told me Vergona delaying arrest to Saturday Oct 20, 2012 goal to punish me. He clearly wanted to cause as much suffering and Kelly supports Vergona who said "I don't care if you have two black eyes."

       IAB Sgt at the Commander Center told me she refused to investigate my allegations of NYPD aggravated harassment by NYPD involved on behalf of Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks. I forgot to ask her about allegedly aggravated harassment by Det Kevin Lynch or agent on his behalf flagging my YouTubes filmed on public streets and now last night yet again told I Don't have a life.  

      The woman IAB sgt said NYPD are not aggravated harassing me.

      I am not looking for trouble. I am documenting People abusing
      their power and my rights like
      NYPD Intelligence Division Det
      Kevin Lynch mayor Bloomberg's
      bodyguard division, Delita Hooks
      who repeatedly violated my patient 
      rights and my body lying and forging
      a bruise on her left thigh when I
      never made contact with the left
      side of her body and the NYPD using
      her false cross complaint to 
      fabricate a mutual assault 
      and commit a crime of coercion
      which Internal Affairs is involved in
      the cover up and Ray Kelly and 
      Charles Campisi involved thanks to 
      their lawyer have a letter where they
      insist on tax payers paying for Det John Vergona's 
      legal fees as in the defendants in my lawsuit collectively agree to defending Vergona.  

      By suing Ray Kelly and Campisi 
      and all involved their lawyer gave me a
      letter I can read before a new Commission into NYPD and IAB
      corruption that exposes Ray and 
      gang including a letter instructing me to serve John Vergona now retired at One Police Plaza (Ray and gang protecting a corrupt cop so thoughtful) and evidence in the motion to dismiss against the NYPD and IAB and carefully omitted records and notes by Vergona and the lawyer gives us no information at all
      into Delita Hooks special Detectives who
      with Det Vergona did not go to the DA 
      with Delita a Hooks false cross complaint. No notes on if Hooks was ever notified to turn herself in while I agreed to turn myself in for false arrest twice 2nd time the Sabbath and I asked why a 4 day wait (19 days after I was savagely attacked)  arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Ray's corrupt cop who coerced me had no answers at to why a 4 day wait and is he a racist anti Semite?

      I will testify against them all in front of a
      new Commission. 

      Do I think Dr Fagelman got NYPD fixing and favors?  In my opinion yes and it has shades of Adrian Schoolcraft's Chief Marino busted for HGH - just a guess and also IAB NYPD retaliating against me 
      for speaking up as well as exposing corruption/ineptness.  

      His comment not visible anymore:

      Suzannahartist5 hours ago
      I was coming home from my Father's Funeral, at 17 he went to WW2 and he unlike you was a man with heart, courage and a real capacity to love. He didn't hide using sock puppet accounts and defend NYPD abuses on a Sunday evening proving you have no life. We think you are the same guy that came here the other day that Google YouTube had issues with community guidelines and cyber bullying. To me you are such a loser and a coward and so lonely and pathetic so defending Det Kevin Lynch fits u.

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      You need to get a life i hate when u guys just go to these things to look for 
      trouble smh

      My Dad died on Sabbath yesterday key death on Sabbath direct relation to G-d and Soul.  

      G-d sees all Ray Kelly and all involved in what was done to me at Dr Fagelman's to IAB to First Precinct. Thank G-d I am not you. 

      G-d sees all. 

      Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionst office manager Delita Hooks blatantly attacked me.  Look at the beginning of the YouTube and see her friend leaning against the wall as if nothing is happening.   Not fired and the NYPD with Ray Kelly's blessings coerced me in the most brutal and anti-Semitic way with a false arrest on the Sabbath which I agreed to.  Kelly's lawyer gave us no notes on Deilta Hooks be notified to be arrested and she was the criminal who assaulted me and was very confident she could file a false cross complaint and handed in fraudlent medical as well as I never made contact with the left side of her body let alone kicked her left leg.  Pure evil a doctor's office and the NYPD and IAB involved.  Waiting for new commissioner and head of IAB because of Kelly Campisi corruption.

      oks like team work here to coerce me to drop charges and how could they do that since I was clearly the victim at a doctor's office and she came a long wait out from behind a closed off reception