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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kevin Mitnick Wiretapping NSA Wiretapping

Kevin Mitnick Wiretapping NSA Wiretapping

Kevin Mitnick Wiretapping NSA Wiretapping 

"Ghost in the Wires"

Way back when young Kevin Mitnick Kevin Wiretapping NSA Wiretapping -- Kevin was a young hack master something I long to be but lack the skills. 

If I had the skills Dr Andrew Fagelman, Delita Hooks, the women in the video of Hooks savagely assaulting me, the NYPD and IAB involved would have to worry.

Instead I got Delita Hooks false criminal report for unrelenting hard work, lots of phone calls and 1 honest cop.  

Since I don't hack I rely on subpoenas if not now when I get a new Commssion in to nypd and IAB corruption.  

I want Dr Fagelman's and Delita Hooks and pals phone records and emails.  Ditto for NYPD IAB. Don't hack so waiting for subpoenas now or when I get a Commission. 

Please continue to help this YouTube to go viral to shame all involved.  Thank you bless you. 

Folks lawsuit on

G-d sees all. 

Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionst office manager Delita Hooks blatantly attacked me.  Look at the beginning of the YouTube and see her friend leaning against the wall as if nothing is happening.   Not fired and the NYPD with Ray Kelly's blessings coerced me in the most brutal and anti-Semitic way with a false arrest on the Sabbath which I agreed to.  Kelly's lawyer gave us no notes on Deilta Hooks be notified to be arrested and she was the criminal who assaulted me and was very confident she could file a false cross complaint and handed in fraudlent medical as well as I never made contact with the left side of her body let alone kicked her left leg.  Pure evil a doctor's office and the NYPD and IAB involved.  Waiting for new commissioner and head of IAB because of Kelly Campisi corruption.