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Friday, July 26, 2013

New Yorkers A Real NYer Dutch Perspective

New Yorkers A Real NYer Dutch Perspective

A New Yorker is that person that has put up with 7 years, not unlike marriage, all the crap and defects that City has to offer and still can say I love it.  

New Yorker born in Holland lived 30 plus village.  

He can in 80's and rented an apt in tenement building with roaches, mice and rats (he gave up fighting to befriend the baby mice) apt was painted over 60 times with ancient mezuzah on the door.  

Every culture that come by left it's mark on it door.  

I said to my new friend some New Yorkers would say you are not a real NYer because you were not born here!!!

My friend he is Dutch so is a REAL New Yorker because it was the Dutch law NYC is what is today Free Wheeling.  

Next English -- talk about tight lipped and up tight!!!