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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg HP 911 House of Cards 911

Mayor Bloomberg HP 911 House of Cards 911

When the AP broke the news late Friday months ago 2 HP biggies on my pension board -- article does not say who wants them oustered.  

Maybe the same man who called for an audit and found HP and other lead contractors over billing. 

Ha ha who appointed HP to pensions and fixed 911 deal?

HP had no 911 experience and Mike B let them build a house of cards brought in new contractors and the house if cards continues to collapse. 

Bloomberg Quinn Rose gill Hearn were alerted in 2008 and DOITT head Cosgrove called for HP to be terminated instead he was.  

No one asks why mike changes DOITT heads more than his under wear har de har har or why so many city workers suing DOITT and a lot are women. 

Hey look at the turn over at DOI under Mikey and his rose.