May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amanda Burden City Planner from Hell See her in Zipper Amanda The People's Burden

I went to bed in the East Village and woke-up in a bad xerox of mid-town....

thanks Amanda the People's Burden...

the worst city planner EVER in NYC gov history...she looks like a ghoul she is a ghoul
responsible with Mike Bloomberg for the most mass displacement in the area since
The American Indians....(The Real New Yorkers)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg 911 HP Corruption so CityTIme by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Mayor Bloomberg and HP 911 Corruption Creative Accounting

People now talking about the corrupt flawed 911 tech system seem willfully obtuse to the fact the newest contractors came in and built on a house of cards with Bloomberg handing out our tax payer money like it was his charity buying favors as he did an illegal third term he barely won.

Are the NYPD going to answer 911 calls on the moon?

We didn't need to hand NASA 14 million dollars to come in and "help" us.   How is NASA "help" doing or really are we helping NASA, military contractors who's federal contracts have been drying up along with HP and Verizon who in my opinion along with Northrop  Grumman over billed us and like Bloomberg and NYC Gov with the exception of John Liu could have stopped this corruption...

DOITT head Paul Cosgrove blew the whistle on HP and was terminated.

HP had no 911 experience!!!!!!!!!!

Not news but the media has been killing news to protect Bloomberg like serial killers just like they silenced voices in opposition to push thru Mike's illegal third term just like they are protecting Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer right now two people so guilty of preventing us from having a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care but not news and they allowed corruption to reach historic levels as they profited so much they do not want to leave NYC.   If you can make it here you can't make it anywhere so Quinn and Stringer won't leave office but they made a hell of a lot of money more than they could have in the private sector.  NYC gov has treated them well and they live like royalty and are protected by a "thug media" who won't even report I was violently assaulted at a doctor's office so shocking the YouTube has over 14,300 views.
The lawsuit references 911 Tech corruption twice and CityTime as well...interesting huh?

Rose Gill Hearn ignored all the warning like she did CityTime because despite Preet Bharara's in your face corrupt CityTime prosecution -- mayor Bloomberg, Bill Thompson and Dept of Investigation were all notified and this was way before Gerard Denault was brought in.   (I am not saying the citytime crooks are innocent but that there are so many more of them and there should be more indictments CityTime SAIC and NYC Gov officials but instead Preet want to put this to sleep.

As record amounts of innocent New Yorkers have been falsely arrested, and or stopped and frisked for no good reason or me who agreed to be false arrested twice for being a victim of a violent assault at a doctor's office....

under Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg with puppets Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn we have the LARGEST CORRUPTION EVER IN THE HISTORY OF NYC
starting with:

311 can't get figures..
(price tag for consultants for these three and board of election staggering start with
Gartner Group -- no wonder Glenn Hutchins another billionaire with White House ambitions dumped his stock but Glenn you didn't need to you, Bloomberg all involved above the law....just innocent folk like me who was savagely attacked at a medical office have to worry)

Board of Election -- NYC gov tax payer big bucks get ready to vote with a lever because it was yet another tech scam if you vote at all --- I know many of you feel too hopeless to vote...

Board of Ed..too many tech corrupt dealings to list

FDNY Wireless


Seedco not tech but mayor Bloomberg's favorite non profit busted for stealing!

And so many more

yet Bill Keller who either has no brains or shame is among the soulless posing as media or journalist praise Bloomberg as a wonderful mayor and how many will do that because he like the bully on the beach using his money and billions of tax payer dollars to win friends and influence but that money was abused in the worst ways........


I made these two sites to say NY State with Cuomo and his predecessors and Bloomberg etc.  add in The White House democrats and republicans run our government like a corrupt compnay....

corrupt co
corrupt company
corrupt contractors
corrupt corporations

Here I am confronting Stephen Goldsmith his first day and FYI look carefully -- is that Liz Holtzman lobbying for SAIC (Rudy's deputy mayors turned lobbyist for SAIC) SAIC who had to repay us $450 million dollars cash not half of what they owe us in my opinion....

How Mike Bloomberg (a sitting mayor committed perjury Haggerty Trial) and so many others from Albany to City Hall like Vito Lopez and so many "families" that run NY and Christine Quinn slush abuse broken campaign laws short list have not been arrested is beyond me....
Bloomberg Breasty Resign Playlist

Monday, July 29, 2013

Anybody But Quinn Update Right Now Bill DeBlasio First Choice

Anybody But Quinn Update Right Now Bill DeBlasio First Choice

Anyone But Bloomberg Puppet Quinn for Mayor

Bill De Blasio Public Advocate may get my vote.

The Public advocate office is the only one  t
to take action regarding me being violently 
assaulted and NYPD fixing and IAB more
than dragging their feet.  

A rep from The Public Advocate called
Internal Affairs to get a status check which is the case is still open.

I would vote for anyone but Quinn and I want to wait until we get closer to actually declare who I am voting for.

I would vote for Weiner over Quinn although I think he is really sick and gross Quinn and Scott Stringer voted for Rudin Luxury Condos when they could have gotten us a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care in the West Village instead of Rudin luxury condos and note no one in the press has confronted Stringer and Quinn about this including their rivals.

The media has yet to expose Quinn and Stringer re: selling out the community and now Cabrini closes and the media again blacks out St. Vincent's and all the political sell-outs involved.  There is even rumor that Melinda Katz way back profited as well like Stringer and Quinn are now from the demise of St. Vincent's Hospital.  Katz and Vallone running for Queen Borough Pres sickening -- both sold us out and voted to extend term limits.  Both won't leave city government and why is that?

hardee har....

I objected to Thompson and his roles in CityTime and 911 Corruption but unlike Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg he at least admits his role in CityTime where once again Christine Quinn and puppet Master Bloomberg are being shielded from that and pushing through every corrupt over run NYC Gov and mostly all tech plus consultants high priced over paid and THIS IS NOT NEWS BILLIONS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS STOLEN AND ABUSED.

CHRISTINE QUINN NO TRAUMA LEVEL 1 HOSPITAL WITH A RAPE CRISIS CENTER AND AIDS CARE far worse a crime than Weiner's sex testings.....  Ditto Scott Stringer's role far worse than Eliot Spitzer's misdeeds which by the way his arch enemies are also guilty of let's ask the misogynists at The NY Post and their girl puppet reporters doing hatchet jobs if they are aware of any men that pay women for sex and expand that to women that want a favor or what ever those men have to offer.    

Anyone But Bloomberg Puppet Quinn for Mayor Update Bill DeBlasio

I will vote for anyone but Quinn and right now DeBlasio my first choice.

Bill Clinton Far Worse Than Anthony Weiner

Bill Clinton's abuse worse than Weiners -- he continually sexually exploited a young woman, an intern and gave her gifts, lead her on and than lied to the entire world -- a far larger global audience and called her a stalker which all lonely cowardly men do to cover-up for their lies and dirty deeds blaming the women they don't act like their puppets doing their bidding.

Hillary's actions or lack their of Benghazi ended her political career.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Yorkers A Real NYer Dutch Perspective

New Yorkers A Real NYer Dutch Perspective

A New Yorker is that person that has put up with 7 years, not unlike marriage, all the crap and defects that City has to offer and still can say I love it.  

New Yorker born in Holland lived 30 plus village.  

He can in 80's and rented an apt in tenement building with roaches, mice and rats (he gave up fighting to befriend the baby mice) apt was painted over 60 times with ancient mezuzah on the door.  

Every culture that come by left it's mark on it door.  

I said to my new friend some New Yorkers would say you are not a real NYer because you were not born here!!!

My friend he is Dutch so is a REAL New Yorker because it was the Dutch law NYC is what is today Free Wheeling.  

Next English -- talk about tight lipped and up tight!!!

Clayton Patterson Brings Us Jews: A People's Hisotry of the Lower East Side

Clayton Patterson Not Jewish Brings Us Jews: A People's Hisotry of the Lower East Side

“Jews: A People’s History of the Lower East Side” is a three-volume anthology. The first volume was edited by Clayton Patterson and Dr. Mareleyn Schneider. Volumes 2 and 3 were edited by Clayton Patterson“Jews: A People’s History of the Lower East Side” is a three-volume anthology. The first volume was edited by Clayton Patterson and Dr. Mareleyn Schneider. Volumes 2 and 3 were edited by Clayton Patterson

Thanks to Clayton Patterson for including my work in Volume 2!


Love, Suzannah Troy 

Clayton Patterson  Brings Us Jews: A People's Hisotry of the Lower East Side

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Corrupt Co NYC Mike Bloomberg's NYC Gov Sued over CityTime Lack of Transparency

Corrupt Co NYC Mike Bloomberg's NYC Gov Sued over CityTime Lack of Transparency

Old news --- a week old not news.....

SAIC and Mike Bloomberg are less than transparent and NYC gov like Albany run like a corrupt co....

Mayor Bloomberg HP 911 House of Cards 911

Mayor Bloomberg HP 911 House of Cards 911

When the AP broke the news late Friday months ago 2 HP biggies on my pension board -- article does not say who wants them oustered.  

Maybe the same man who called for an audit and found HP and other lead contractors over billing. 

Ha ha who appointed HP to pensions and fixed 911 deal?

HP had no 911 experience and Mike B let them build a house of cards brought in new contractors and the house if cards continues to collapse. 

Bloomberg Quinn Rose gill Hearn were alerted in 2008 and DOITT head Cosgrove called for HP to be terminated instead he was.  

No one asks why mike changes DOITT heads more than his under wear har de har har or why so many city workers suing DOITT and a lot are women. 

Hey look at the turn over at DOI under Mikey and his rose.   

Lorcan Otway and Genie Otway Hospital Hell after Violent Gang Attack St. Marks Place by Theatre 80

  • There are a few angels in hell. For the most part at Bellevue Hospital  we have been neglected by the system, many simply accept the horror and pain this causes... that we can spend billions to kill innocents abroad, jail millions, allow tha massing of great fortunes by "developers" who kill neighborhoods - drive up rents and do nothing charitable with their millions in return... but, spend much to little to heal.
    At one point, after many small indignities, Genie is taken up to the fifteenth floor for pre-opperative examination. The student orderly does not know where to take her, and finally is directed to put her gurney in a room where a young woman is on a personal call. She only acknowelges us enough to tell me to go to the waiting room. I stand just outside the door for a few minutes listening to her gossip to a friend. Genie asks me to come back in... in a room full of chairs, I stand with my cane and leg in a brace bandage... Another call comes in and the young woman says to her caller, "I have another call..." and takes another personal call and gossips for twenty minutes. When she grows board with her teliphone visit, she gets off the call, goes over to Genie and finds she is in the wrong room.
    Genie is taken to a hallway desk in front of an office. They begin to call other departments to try and find out what needs to be done for Genie. We keep asking them to call her competant, kind and overtaxed attending, Dr Huang, one of the angels of this hell. After twenty minutes of this, one of the RNs, sitting at a desk with a chair, asking questions of me as I stood next to Genie's gurney is on the phone calling one office after another. I hobble over and painfully lower myself into the chair by her desk. She looks shocked at me and says, "There are chairs in the waiting room accross the hall!" One of the numbers has acted like an equal around her and she is angry.
    I get up to stand next to Genie, and I say to her, "another savage in this cruel, cold place. A passing doctor wheals around and looks at us. "Why are you here?" He asks. We begin to tell us. He shakes his head... He begins to help us. Another angel, Dr. Charles Ferman.Then he stops and says, "I know who you are, I have been to your theater." He turns to the woman who has been unkind to me. "I knd of know these people, they own Theatre 80!" He has made a human to us to the woman. She brings me a chair. Dr Ferman begans to move things with the hospital... getting us the tests we need, "... no we can do that here, get someone to do the EKG here..." When the tests are done he waits with us as a nurse calls to get transportation for Genie to be pushed to another wing. "What do you mean she has to get there on her own...?" he asks over the phone, she can't walk, she has a broken shoulder and broken ankle..." In fustration he anounces he will take her himself. Another angel an RN, Joanne Shaw says, "No doctor, I will take her..." They both take her.
    More should be said, about the wrong... the angles, the brutal system in this nation which defames the Canadian health care system while spending endlessly on the few... but, Chris and La-keen of Coling Abulance, we hired to get Genie home, who like the other ambulance attendants and FDNY first responders at the scene, were kind, were confident and careful, they did their jobs as they should be done in a system which is not broken, but designed to break those already hurt by crime. I was told I was in shock because I was so calm the day of the attack. I told them, no growing up on the lower east side, to stay you had to accept trauma without being traumatized. Genie and I have been traumatized by the system far more than those three thugs who attacked us.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Amanda the People's Burden and Kahn Job Bloomberg's Power Junkies Next Move

Amanda the People's Burden and Kahn Job Bloomberg's Power Junkies Next Move

Amanda The People's Burden the worst City Planner commissioner in the history of NYC along with Bloomberg destroying the SOUL of the city and responsible for the most mass displacement in the area since the American Indians should be banned from everything except being a socialite.

Amanda helped NYU to destroy St. Ann's Church and would not give us protective zoning aiding and abetting the USPS's illegal air sale to NYU.  Please visit 120 East 12th St to see the facade of St. Ann's that hangs like a giant albatross around a hideous zone busting NYU mega dorm.  NYU mega dormed the East Village to death thanks to Mike Bloomberg and Cooper Union made a series of illegal zone busting builds that even Rudy's city planner had so no it is a shell game referring to tearing done The Science Building to become a landlord for a building with no educational facility not the most minimal because the community fought and shame NYC Gov and Cooper Union.

"* New York City’s Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and planning chief Amanda Burden are discussing forming their own urban-planning policy institute or global consulting firm after leaving office, Crain’s Insider reports:"

Amanda Burden is despised and hated by any New Yorker that is not mega rich or a flunkie of the rich called Amanda the People's Burden by all for pushing through Mike Bloomberg's illegal corrupt Tsunami of Community Crushing development and Amanda the People's Burden never met a zone busting deal she couldn't resist pushing through for her rich pals at the expense of the entire communities she crushed using greed and stupidity.

New Yorkers have Rudin Condos no Trauma Level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care thanks to Amanda the People's Burden, Christine Quinn, Scott Stringer, everyone in City Council except Charles Barron, the health commissioner, City council committee on health

Community Crushing eminent domain abuse by Columbia university,  NY Times building eminent domain abuse, Brooklyn Barclay eminent domain abuse, in Queens Willets Point,

NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law, SVA, The New School do not have to abuse eminent domain and bust through zoning and crush our communities on old New York's infrastructures....who needs hospitals, expanded subways stations, stair wells, etc., who needs water pipes and sewage pipes (notice the city smells of human waste bowel movements because of old sewage pipes cracking), who safe and smart infrastructures not New York when it comes to greed and stupidity.

You have the most mass displacement ever thanks to Bloomberg and the People's Burden EVER in this area since The American Indians.

When Mike Bloomberg says Progress he means get your moving van.

How much money has Burden spent on plastic surgery?  The People's Burden is the most arrogant and evil commissioner in NYC gov history a socialite posing as a city planner and hint she has a 40 million dollar trust fund for her kiddies.

Kahn is called Kahn Job and the NY Post article about her pulling strings getting the NYPD One Police plaza and a judge to do her bidding like she is the Queen of England is referenced in my lawsuit against NYPD and Internal Affairs 3 times.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exclusive From Suzannah Troy: Mayor Bloomberg's City of New York Getting Sued over CityTime!!!!!!

Exclusive From Suzannah Troy: Mayor Bloomberg's City of New York Getting Sued over CityTime!!!!!!

Check back tomorrow morning for the details but put this way -- I am not the only one who thinks Mike Bloomberg and "Team Bloomberg" are less than forth coming --- NYC Gov is not transparent --- treating ambulance responses and 911 info secret but great news involving CityTime corruption --

The City of New York is getting sued for not turning over info on CityTime ---

Stay cool --- this is hot stuff....

You thought this week was steamy wait until you read what I have to say about Preet Bharara and the media covering up on CityTime -- give you one hint....Richard Valcich --- from hero to zero to say and I will be taking a look back at Bondy's testimony at City Hall on my blog tomorrow morning....

Think way hotter and also add in 911 Tech Corruption!!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Theatre 80 Lorcan and Genie Otway Beaten Smart Phone Stolen by Bike Racks St Marks Place


Lorcan and Genie Otway Beaten Smart Phone Stolen by Bike Racks St Marks Place

We had a wee criminal event at Theatre 80 this afternoon, three thugs... Genie and I in hospital for the day, just home, Genie should be home by 3 AM in an ambulette, with a broken ankle, broken shoulder and cuts to the head... Things are not getting better these days... I am in rather a bit of pain, but on the mend, Genie will be in a wheel chair for the next 8 weeks, and I am sure the vultures are gathering.
Lorcan posted on Clayton Patterson's facebook 

So sorry you and Genie so badly hurt!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg only cares about gun violence.

As a victim of a violent crime by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks my heart goes outto you.  At least the NYPD not aid and abett the violent criminals like the 01 Det Squad did with me.

Not healed from violent crime and NYPD fixing.

Those Bike racks a hazard terrible locations 2 on that one block. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christine Quinn's 911 Corruption Blowback intern faints ambulance 30 min YouTube by Suzannah Troy Artist

Christine Quinn's Role in  Corruption 911 Haunts her intern faints ambulance 30 min

Quinn a fraud liar 911 

Read and it listen to my 911 testimony city halland to date cover upMark Carson's ambulance ride.  
Google Christine Quinn chuck Meara talking points 
Also their names ambulance ride Sent from my iPhone

Christine Quinn's Role in Corruption 911 Haunts her intern faints ambulance 30 min

Quinn a fraud liar 911

Read and it listen to my 911 testimony city halland to date cover upMark Carson's ambulance ride.

Google Christine Quinn chuck Meara talking points

Also their names ambulance ride
Sent from my iPhone

Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 cats, Patrick and Luigi, need a foster or permanent home desperately

Bob Pomillia was died and animal lover's nightmare his two very sweet gentle cats need a home and to stay together -- please help if you have a loving home.
recently a wonderfully committed animal activist passed away - Bob Pomilla - and he left two cats who need a home.  They are very bonded so it is preferred they are adopted together.  Please see below.  If you can help, contact at  Please forward and put on appropriate lists.  Thanks.  

---------- Forwarded message ----------

A friend recently passed away leaving behind 2 cats...  They are currently on the Upper east side of Manhattan at a feline clinic, but needs homes.  PLEASE SHARE-
Anyone interested, or knows anyone interested, please contact Dena at:
His 2 cats, Patrick and Luigi, need a foster or permanent home desperately! They are in cages at the vets currently but need to be moved out tomorrow! They are 10.5 yr old brothers and in perfect health. They are sweet, gentle low-maintenance cats. Please network them like crazy....

2 cats, Patrick and Luigi, need a foster or permanent home desperately

Elizabeth Forel
BanHDCarriages - Twitter 

you can't defeat an idea whose time has come 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen Closing Jan. 1, 2013

I once had a conference call with Whole Foods to get them to take Peter and Whole Earth Bakery in but the manager at Whole Foods Houston Street nixed it.  It is a horror story how Mike Bloomberg's tsunami of community crushing development destroyed NYC and so many small businesses.
With all the powerful and rich Vegan people around amazing no one could save Peter's and his Mom now in Heaven's biz but at least she knew when she died we won a small victory and at the time she died her biz was still in biz.

Good luck and I have a series of YouTubes a series YouTubeland on Peter's Whole Earth Bakery Kitchen struggle to continue on...

The Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen
please note that as of January 1, 2013 we are no longer open for business
check in with us on facebook to stay updated with our future plans
honoring Mother Earth since 1978
Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen
130 Saint Mark's Place (8th St.)
between 1st and Avenue A
New York, New York 10009

telephone: (212) 677-7597

we are open til midnight 7 days a week

We offer a large selection of natural food product that are wheat, dairy, oil, sugar and gluten FREE.
We produce a large variety of vegan baked products and savories.
We use certified organic flours, certified organice brown rice syrup, organic maple syrup, organic agave syrup and pure fruit concentrate.
We use organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed safflower oil.
We do not use refined sugars, honey, margarine, hydrogenated fats or animal fats in our products.
Our specialties include: special occasion cakes and made to order birthday cakes.
Good Eats
vegetables, spinach, tofu ricotta,
marinara sauce, wrapped in a whole wheat noodle

Spinach Pie
spinach, mushroom, tofu, olive, onion, spelt fillo dough (wheat free)

Eggplant Parmesan
eggplant, tofu, tomato sauce, garlic, whole wheat bread crumb

Stuffed Cabbage
organic brown rice, mixed vegetables, spices

gluten free


Avocado Sandwich
mixed greens, lettuce, tofu garlic spread, avocado

Tempeh Sandwich
tempeh, tofu garlic spread, lettuce, tomato

Tofu Sandwich
marinated tofu, tofu garlic spread, lettuce, tomato

whole wheat tortilla, organic black beans, plantain, grape tomatoes, avocado

Tofu Quiche Cup
tofu, spinach, onions, paprika, other spices

Spinach Tofu Turnover
spinach, tofu, spices

Split Pea
Lentil Coconut
Tomato Cashew
Pinto Bean Chili
all soups: small $3.50, large $4.50
add cornbread for $1 w/soup or chili

Pizza by the Slice
Famous Veggie
Veggie Daiya Cheese
Veggie Pesto
all $5 per slice

whole pizzas made to order
(coming soon!)

Juice Bar
prices listed as small/large

Great, Great Green
kale, collards, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger
apple optional

Winter "C" Blast
orange, lemon, lime, apple, grapefruit, jalapeño, ginger

Blood Builder
beet, apple, carrot, kale, parsely

Body Detox Cleanser
cucumber, beet, carrot, kale, parsley

Immune Builder
carrot, ginger, jalapeño, celery

Organic Carrot, Orange or Apple

Create Your Own Juice
all smoothies come with banana and your choice of apple juice, soy/rice/almond milk

prices listed as small/large

Banana Berry
strawberry, blueberry, cranberry

Mango Heaven
mango, orange juice

Immune Blast
vitamin C, emergen-c, echinacea, cranberry, lemon, strawberry, ginger

Gogi Berry
goji berries, cranberry, strawberry

Ultimate Meal
strawberry, blueberry, ultimate meal powder

Soy or Rice Protein Shake
soy or rice protein powder, blueberry

Vegetable Protein Shake
vegetable protein powder, blueberry, strawberry


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