May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doctors Nurse Protest Christine Quinn Yet Again This Time Sick Days Good luck -- I am guessing these are not the same people that stood with us demanding a trauma level 1 hospital in the West Village where St. Vincent's was that had AIDS care and a Rape Crisis Center. This is Quinn's own district and she let a hospital close taking money from The Rudin family aka kickbacks.

Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital like term limits flushing democracy down the toilet and again the press did not report the news and no one interested in an investigation as to why an ambulance took 23 - 29 minutes for a 75 year old member of Christine Quinn's district.

Christine Quinn and her staff where no where to be seen. I was dressed as Quinn standing with her district demanding a hospital holding a Quinn Rudin Kiss of Death protest poster.

Quinn is a fraud and the newspapers protect her because their owns want her in so Mike has a 4 and 5th term from the golf course.