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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christine Quinn Chuck Meara Eve of 9-11 Anniversary Email from Suzannah Troy re Ambulance Scandal St. Vincent's Hospital 250 Broadway Rudin Scandal

Re: Chuck Meara ambulance Foil 8/6/12 6:30 am

Ali: Please forward to Chuck Meara

Thank you

To: Christine Quinn and Chuck Meara After our meeting, a few months later, Chuck Meara and I spoke on the steps of City Hall (- I was there with Local 375 DC37 -) re: ambulance scandal 250 Broadway voter lock-out Chuck admitted there was confusion with his NYPD liaison at the First Precinct and acknowledged now there was an ambulance but still refused to admit the ambulance took 1/2 hour.

I now have the FOIL report and even the reason the ambulance took so long. The NYPD made me wait a very long time but the answer is the ambulance went to the wrong address! Was it human error or our flawed 2 billion 14 million dollars ECTP 911 tech system as noted in the NY Post the EMS tech system flatlined again July of this year as well as Oct 2011?

Was it both human error and a tech glitch? The foil report confirms what Dr Kaufman and Nurse Dunne well respected members of St Vincent's hospital will confirm in a court of law and in writing if need be.

The ambulance took a 1/2 hour.

You have my lawyer Norman Siegel's contact info

Note: If Rosie O'Donnel was at her Rudin hospital condo when her heart troubled ensued her children could have lost her because there is no Trauma Level 1 hospital in the same way Richard Schierer, Rudy Giuliani's top guys, died in the ambulance to Beth Israel. We look forward to a response on the ambulance scandal and whether you can tell us was it a tech glitch, human error or both as well as other answers to our Talking Points from our City Hall meeting also posted on my blogs. As you know this email also will be posted on my blog later today.

We look forward to answers and basic rights to health care President Obama says are ours which your own district including Rescue Workers who have dangerous (fixed typo) jobs are deprived of since there is no hospital!!!

Doesn't that include a hospital now for your own community. Rudin luxury condos do not do CPR. I pray there is no terror attack on the 11 year anniversary of 9-11; the exact amount of years between WTC attacks. St Vincent's was open and up until this year served as a memorial like the many fire houses now shuttered that responded courageously with open brave hearts now closed this 9-11. The workers of St V -- many are still unemployed with actual employment in NY possibly as high as 17 percent not 10!

Where is the criminal investigation in to the St Vincent's crooks and why aren't you pressuring Cy Vance? These are just some questions your District, the Rescue Workers, the entire City would like answered and your opponents running for mayor.

Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy
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Interesting Christine Quinn has the millions in her war chest to be mayor, more than anyone and the media has blacked all this out!
 Scroll down on the link below to me with foil letter from NYPD 1 police plaza. I felt happy to finally have an answer. I gave u this link to see just a few other issues I am fighting for The People of NYC.

Video of me as 75 year old man collapses.

No Quinn or her huge staff anywhere to be seen. I am dressed like Quinn to underscore her abandonment of her own district.

Good kind NYPD Sgt Anderson from the 6th Precinct called 911 for me. DI Ed Winski was in charge that morning and there were NYPD from 06 as well. See photo - yet Quinn and Meara at the meeting City Hall refused to believe the ambulance was even called! I even have video of the 75 year old man collapsing I did not post.

See the above link for a starting Christine Quinn admission re: St. Vincent' know you have read it when you see the word "devil".

Notes from Barbara Ruether on the meeting:

Stay tuned re: the 75 year old fainting men and me, Suzannah Troy asked an NYPD officer to call 911. The reason I didn't was I was standing out in the freezing cold with almost nothing on as part of my art political protest and my body and hands were numb. The NYPD officer called 911 and than he followed up with me stating the ambulance was on his way.. Christine Quinn's senior staff member stated in front of us he called the 1st precinct and no call for an ambulance took place. We also were told Dr. David Kaufman who attended to the gentleman called 911 several times.   Here is the foiled report.... Thru my detective work I found out the ambulance went to the wrong place.

March 13, 2012

City Hall Meeting with NYC Council Speaker and Greenwich Village Representative Christine Quinn

  • Norman Siegel
  • Suzannah B Troy
  • Barbara Ruether
  • A. Timothy Lunceford

Talking Points Requests by Group of Speaker Christine Quinn

  • Hold Town hall meeting.
  • Release statistics on FDNY EMS Response and Transit Times for St Vincent's area / her district to the community, as promised at CB2 meeting (on videotape) and reneged the following week by NYFD personnel.

  • Investigation of why ambulance took 35 min to respond 250 Broadway on March 6, 2012 AM during the Public Hearing last week.

  • Norman asked for an investigation by the mayor's office because
  • People who were opponents to the Rudin plan were turned away.
  • Only two city council members were there to listen to testimony.
  • It was not democratic or an even playing field as the only public hearing for the community to speak.
  • Ask for a formal apology.

  • Children, Seniors, and the sick, are the most vulnerable silent populations and that also includes the low income children that are left alone now without a hospital. We need a full service hospital.

  • Following up with speaker from press conference regarding Miguel Acevedo speech (on videotape):
    • What are low-income minorities to do that live in her district?
    • Stats show the fact rapes are up in the neighborhood and the Rape crisis is closed, since SVH closed. Restore a Rape Center on the westside.
    • AIDS patient's in the neighborhood have been driven all across the city for healthcare. Why?

  • The point being is that more condos pushes population growth and underscores the harsh reality we need a full service hospital.

  • That current plans for the Comprehensive Health Center will not treat 10% of population that arrive at it's door and must be transported across and up town to full service hospitals.

  • That removal of the tanks from the Triangle Park insure that O'toole and SVH site will never be a hospital again because of NYS regulations.

  • Terror attacks leave NYC in greater jeopardy when there is yet another terrorist attack.

  • We need a trauma level 1 Hospital center and Emergency Room on the west side of Manhattan.

  • Add floors to O'Toole and a hospital can be created with a will of private and government monies by adding 3 to 4 floors to create the needed Hospital and Rudin still gets SVH to build Luxury apartments.