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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tacopina Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Moreno Jail Time Cy Vance Wrist Slap Heroin Emboldened NYPD Cop Mina? And Rape Cop Pena

Did Joe Tacopina bragging about getting Rape Cop Moreno off embolden Pena -- 1800 rape away and how about NYPD gun Thief Mina? When is Moreno going to jail.

One Term Cy Vance blew it again with the heroin in Moreno's locker.

Joe Tacopina the most hated lawyer in NY according to The NY Post.

Joe Tacopina describes himself as a success but success is like beauty -- it's about the eye of the beholder.

The arrogant smug lawyer Tacky-0 bragged he got the corrupt dirty rape cop with heroin in his locker off!

Well Rape cop moreno is going to jail even if One Term Cy Vance gave Moreno a wrist slap for the heroin and Internal Affairs wasn't all that interested in how or why the heroin ended up in Moreno's locker. (Talk about karma--the powers that be did close to nothing about heroin in NYPD officer's locker at the 9th and next locker story a cop from the 9th Precinct stealing guns so message to Cy Vance maybe if you had come down harder on the heroin it would have sent a message to corrupt gun stealing NYPD Mina?

When is Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel's client NYPD heroin Rape Cop Moreno going to jail?

Joe Tacopina: How do you explain to your wife and 5 kids calling Dr. Essig as your forensic expert on rape (don't think he has much experience in that dept. according to the NY Post) who handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work. Steinberg murdered her age 6. How do you explain that and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel asking if a raped bruised vagina snaps shut like a Fly Trap to your wife and kids? Hi honey and kids....just degraded trashed and demonized a victim preyed on by 2 corrupt cops but it is about winning and winning making money is everything.

Hey honey....and kids.....let's all go shop!

Hey Joe Hell Bound Tacopina: You look like hell? You admire Shargel? Instead of taking legal advice from Gerald Shargel maybe he can give you tips on how to age well?

Your handling of the Baby Lisa tragedy...and it is tragic...not successful. Where is Baby Lisa?

A rant on Joe's idea of success and Joe may the Prince of Monaco kick your smug arrogant perhaps even jealous self in court.