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Saturday, July 14, 2012

NYPD Nicholas Mina Stole Guns 9th Precinct Lockers!!!

NYPD Nicholas Mina Stole Guns 9th Precinct Lockers!!! a surprise Mina a drug addict because of his extreme risk taking robbing his fellow NYPD officers -- super highs and lows -- from now on lows only. This is another blow another cop involved in gun trafficking and drugs. and post includes abuse of an NYPD parking placard. I do believe in good NYPD officers. The problem is the bad ones and this story of a drug addict cop stealing NYPD guns for his drug dealer really sick and just these 2 additional posts about gun trafficking and drugs disturbing. You just hope when u reach out u get an honest cop. The bad apples hurt the NYPD and they have to be weeded out and more stringent screening processes needed.