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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prince Pierre Casiraghi Suing Joe Tacopina & Client! Joe Bragged about getting 9th Precinct Heroin Rape Cop Moreno Off! Remember?

Joe Tacopina Wiki, Big Bulges big ego gets sued over big mouth!!!!!!!! Prince Pierre Casiraghi is suing Joe for opening his big mouth wow!

Prince Pierre -- You should watch Joe Tacky-0's demo tape -- Joe says he is a predator in court Joe looks for blood and to decapitate ! (Tacopina doesn't have the Kunstler Kuby way with words. Joe says he admires Gerald Shargel. Hey Gerald -- Would you do a video promo hoping for a tv gig describing yourself as a predator decapitating in court?

Melissa Grace removed Joe literally from the big loss representing the 1 legged billionaire

that gashed a women's face. Joe blamed the woman and the jury didn't agree.

Joe tried to say she was worth naught because of her less than Nun like past.

Joe Tacky-0 Big Ego, Big Loser gets sued over Big Mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting how this story is reported by ABC News and Wall Street Journal, but this embarrassing suit against big bully Joseph Tacopina is erased by the Daily News who have covered your butt and this story so many times in my humble opinion!

Explain that! And Tacky-O's brilliant comment to the media "If they don't like the truth, that's their problem." Very intellectual Joe Tacopina you truth seeker!

Joe has his pals like Melissa Grace and Bendici --- not just in the PBA hardee har.....

Joe's slant on his murderous ex-client van der sloot -- Natalee Holloway's (rapist) murderer and Stephany Flore's unusual and I thought shocking if Joe thinks anyone would believe his answer except van der Sloot.

You love the truth don’t you Joe Tacopina Baby Lisa’s Lawyer. Where is baby Lisa Joe? WHAT’S THE TRUTH? Is it that you used baby Lisa’s parent’s and that baby’s disappearance to get media attention? No Joe wouldn't stoop that low. This YouTube on Joe Tacopina 2 baby Lisa's was illegally wrongly removed from YouTube.....Why? I tell you about Baby Lisa who was murdered and Tacopina Seigel's forensic expert handed over Baby Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work . Steinberg would murder her age 6. That's Joe's medical expert?

It's a wonder there are no news reports that you have won any case in over a year since you and your partner Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared a woman’s genitals to a venus fly trap when putting the rape victim on trial.

Do you wonder why rapes are under reported?

Maybe rape victims don't want the Tacopina Seigel rape treatment in court?

Joe Tacopina ... Does your camel-toe snap shut like a venus fly trap?

Joe have you and Chad Seigel ever seen a vagina snap shut like a venus fly trap? Is that what the vaginas do when Tacopina Seigel come near or was that a set-up -- the imagery -- misogynist to blame the victim in the most hateful cruel way possible?

Maybe you wish you kept your trap shut or chose your words just a little better because now you are being sued?

Joe Tacopina fans go for Joe's crotch hitting below the belt accusing him of

adultery which is really odd because I didn't think they would care? Why do they do that?

AS Roma fan seem to think you do.

Did you bed your client's wife then return 20 Grand he paid you to represent him? How could I ask such a stupid question. Joe says he did not bed his client's wife. If he did why wasn't he debarred, must not be true.

Ironic how it seems your bully mouth got you sued for slander when you and your Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel partner threaten to sue me and Leonard Levitt. My response was just a little more intense than Levitt's but neither of us heard back from your lawyers.

Note I get missive sent to me re: Joe Tacopina and I just got a blatantly false one -- outlandish that Joe Tacopina allegedly slept with a juror during the NYPD rape trail and that is how he won.

That is so blatantly false and I tell you why I think so. Joe Tacopina is a (rhymes with rick) in court and I am guessing he is in bed. If he did that I am sure he would have lost! If I do a stand-up comedy routine on Joe Tacky-0 I will include this.

Where is Baby Lisa? Kelly and Furman quietly shred Joe Tacopina in the video you can find in the above post.

What lawyer would crow from his website that he got NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno off?

Joe Tacopina!