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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suzannah Troy’s Street Scenes Old Memories

Moving my stuff off I web so going back in time...

you can play around and also click on photos.

you have to scroll around but the NYPD 9th Precinct put up these barricades at this protest on East 3rd St to protest evil greedy landlords Alistair Economakis and family who did mass eviction and for some reason the NYPD barricades were like an aphrodisiac and this couple just went to know making out!

Those were the days....Occupy Wall Street never tried that strategy with the 1st Precinct.

The good old days -- not really still hell under Bloomberg and stupid greedy rich people but it is even worse now.

Have Ladder 3, one of the more handsome NYPD although photo not so clear but every cop in my photos thinks he is the handsomest, of course photos of the protesting.... me with pit bull that had been starved and beaten and thrown away after they took her puppies....her snout has cuts...loved her....she got a great home....a teamster on a movie set and I were chatting and he moved a little closer and she make it clear he was not welcome to get any closer, giggle.

Best hug with a beautiful woman -- giggle love that photo. There is a happiness there I am not feeling but did have some great great moments today including the kiss on the subway by the cute guy that told me I am a people live vicariously through me, I say the unsayable and I had the best conversation with this NYPD officer -- I made him laugh and he made me laugh... He did help me because I was really upset. He did help to lighten me up.

I also have a new pal that I just love.