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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, June 15, 2012

SAIC Shareholder Meeting Jun 15 John Jumper Sticks It!

SAIC shareholder meeting today John Jumper not porn star stuck to shareholders

coz yo, a loss is still a loss even if you try to stick in another column.

"Our performance in that, the middle column there, as you can see include the impact of CityTime, and that's what is reported. I thought it would be informative for the shareholders to look at the right-hand column, which is a column that shows the operational performance of the company during the year that excludes the impact of CityTime. "

Porn star more honest about how many People they screwed vs. SAIC and Team Bloomberg when it comes to NYC tax payer abuse!

Read this for more info on why SAIC was screwing or should I say “billing” over billing NYC tax payers way before Gerald Denault ever came in to the picture!

Read my link to learn how Bloomberg and SAIC screwed us yet again with their 455 million deal!

FYI: ECTP 911 Tech System stay tuned because heard on the street Tip of The Iceberg just like CityTime buy much bigger theft.