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Monday, June 11, 2012

Joe Tacopina Spin Zone Baby Lisa Mom Dabs Eyes No Tears!

Joe Tacopina spins his you call it a spin zone or a bull //// zone?

Reminder Joe bragged about getting the NYPD heroin rape cop Ken Moreno off.....rapes are up in NYC and under reported!

So nice to read Dr. Glass’s insights in to what sounds like HUGE RED FLAGS and explains why Joe has failed to help locate Baby Lisa but get as much face time -- his drug of choice...?

Is Dr. Glass saying if you are innocent why do you need Joe Tacky-0?

Oh gee whiz Joe Tacky-0 -- this is my blog, I am an artist and I have a right to an opinion don’t I?

Joe Tacky-0 Media Whore.

Very sad that Baby Lisa has not been found.....judging by insights from Dr. Glass if and when Baby Lisa is found the odds are she won’t be alive.

Joe Tacopina is searching as always for the next monster he can live vicariously through -- oops I meant to say get off like van der Sloot who murdered another innocent young woman.

Do you think Ken Moreno has found some woman vomiting her head off -- drunk and so out of it it would be like having sex with a dead body or a blow doll...? Must be harder to pick off drunk woman without an NYPD badge and parking placard!

Joe Tacopina license to murder, rape, hide heroin in your locker at the precinct....? No wonder he is hated and called Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and his partner Chad Venus Fy Trap Seigel. What law firm would compare a bruised rape genitals of a woman to a Fly Trap? Tacopina Seigel...1800 rape away

Corrupt NYPD officers -- call Tacopina Seigel 1800 get away with crime....