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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NY1 Refuses to Run Coverage of Rudin Protest NY1 Censorship

Rumor has it NY1 has a real estate deal of their own they are concerned for and need Quinn and Bloomberg administration support so they are doing the dirty work as in -- in your face censorship.

NY1 staff -- if it is news critical of Bloomberg, Quinn and real estate developers harming our community like Bill Rudin your higher-ups will kill the story and censor the story by blacking it out.

From my post on Bloomberg and Rudin Stoke Anti-Semitism:

Bloomberg and Rudin along with their media owners are blacking out news to protect their real estate interests and financial and we got more yesterday since the protest against Rudin Condos made AP Day and NY1 killed the interviews and as usual NY Times, NY post and NYDN all contribute to anti-Semitism.