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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bloomberg Tax Returns Charity Caymen Islands Steve Rattner = Mike A Very Dirty Boy

Mike Bloomberg or Howard Rubenstein insist Mike be called Saint Mike....

Mike as transparent with his public empire NYC gov as he is with Caymen Island Investments -- Pat Harris told us none of our biz where she was turning Bloomberg’s blizzard so arrogant.

I posted a press release from City Hall (parody) that the deposed king of NYC has instructed citizens NYC has been rebranded from the Big Apple to Saint City! Enjoy. Ex-Deputy Goldsmith and Christine Quinn are Jane Jacobs as well as the part of the NYC Saint City rebrand along with Howard Rubenstein and The Rudin Family. Mike Bloomberg is so out of touch or worse he actually believes this he does not owe the People transparency in NYC government and or his Charity Foundation.

If only Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello had called Steve Rattner to the witness stand right after Fiona Reid who left Quadrangle to go work for Willets.

Did Vacco and Costello ask Reid why she made the move from Quadrangle to Willetts, hardee har?

If only Vacco had called Christine Quinn and asked her if she used slush and intimidation to push through a third term selling the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy. Quinn has benefited by more New Yorkers are living in poverty.

The only good news is in 2026 Mike will give away his billions instead of the billions of tax payer money he gave away to SAIC, Spherion, TechnoDyne and so many other contractors and sub-contractors where NYC tax payer was stolen, frauded, abused to the tune of billions but hey that is not worth investigation, prosecution or reporting -- stick to informercials not investigative new reporting -- you know who -- the monster of pr that runs NYC gov prefers it that way! By the way is Steve Rattner helping with NYC pension restructuring? Why weren’t the pensions restructured in Mike Bloomberg’s 1st term? Because they were too busy being raided! Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th 62 times and paid not to go to jail and paid not to plead guilty in pay to play. Explain that to NYC school kids Mike Bloomberg and Caymen Investment.