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Friday, July 22, 2011

Suzannah’s Round-up: Twin Terror Attacks Oslo, NYC Corruption, Does Cy Vance owe Christine Quinn’s Campaign Guy Mark Guma a FAVOR? + SAIC CityTime ano

Twin terror attacks Oslo

Is Cy Vance the Dirty DA a new video claims he is even making a back room deal with Morgy to not prosecute banks that Morgy at age 90 now represents. These banks are implicated in Wall St. imploding.

Does Cy Vance owe his campaign manager Mark Guma a favor for Guma dismissing a part of money owed for his expensive campaign. Mark Guma now is running Christine Quinn’s campaign so does that mean Mark Guma, his wife Maura Keaney who worked with Haggerty on Mike Bloomberg’s campaign and Christine Quinn implicated with Keaney for integrity lapses and intimidation in a Jim Dwyer article in The New York Times are above the law and Cy Vance is obligated to protect them. I sure hope Christine Quinn’s large staff is not working on NYC gov time on her campaign!

PBA hires Goodfellas Lawyer -- lawyers up to prepare for NYPD Ticket Fix Scandal meanwhile the cover-up continues for City Officials at City Hall and their pals that got their tickets fixed!

Are Hackers going to reveal emails that will further implicated the Murdoch father and son?

Will the scandal hit the USA headquarters and take down Rupert Murdoch?

Some say could be....

Teachers do not trust principals under Bloomberg’s dictatorship ...impossible to hold principals accountable.

Why do I get the feeling a bomb is about to drop sometime very soon perhaps involving exposing more corruption NYC gov.......

Joel Klein did all those board of ed scandals like the Bear Stearns crooks you brought in never happen or what....Joel and Mike Bloomberg, Joel and Rupert Murdoch.....