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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SAIC CityTime No News Means Cover-Up! Goldman Sachs & SAIC Think Tax Payers Are Suckers!!!!!!!!!!

SAIC CityTime No News Means Cover-Up! Goldman Sachs & SAIC Think Tax Payers Are Suckers!!!!!!!!!!

Still no news on CityTime SAIC and sub-contractors a hierarchy of theft and fraud. We don’t have arrests including NYC government officials...ho hum....

is this going to be like the criminals that gave us the mortgage meltdown, thugs that brought down AIG -- oh yes, that is you Goldman Sachs and made a fortune doing it according to Michael Lewis
and a lot of other banks we bailed out guilty as sin, took bail-outs and than instead of even thinking about paying the money back got mega-bucks in bonuses....

solution= arrests, jail, law suits and make banks pay back bail outs...

that would lower our trillion dollar deficit as well.

You want to stop the multi-trillion dollar train wreck than we need arrests, we have to stop the no-bid contracts where they bring in competitors but non-are considered, and every kind of dirty back room deal possible....where the tax payers are robbed and raped and if you don’t get it than look to CityTime scandal brought in by Rudy Giuliani, the Tax Payer’s Titanic and surprise one of the biggest lobbyist for SAIC who happened to be trying to push one of the most corrupt deals with SAIC and the MTA and that was an in your face “the fix was in” bid....yes, Peter Powers, Rudy’s best friend.

Mike Bloomberg let the CityTime scandal reach epic proportions of robbery and fraud spending the most tax payer dollars ever on IT information technology only to have most of it stolen, stuffed in deep pockets of consultants and people doing “quality control”....what does that mean....?

CityTime, the ECTP System known as the 911 Tech System, countless board of ed scandals of people stealing and screwed up computers systems to put, many of them a hopeless waste of money that don’t work well but made certain people and their lobbyist bucks richer! Nice work if you can get it.

Why do people salivate when they hear the words government contracts....SAIC screwed the FBI and the tax payers before they moved in for the kill with NYC tax payers during in you face harsh budget cuts billing us for a system that won’t ever turn a profit but is a loser and a lemonade and SAIC knew that before their fall guy Gerard Denault was even hired as Richard Valcich’s whistle blowing letter proves just look at the date....

Remember Watergate....follow the Money Trail.....?

Well there were gutsy newspaper reporters that exposed the corruption which went right to the top and than people went to jail but mortgage meltdown, Wall St. Implosion no jail!

SAIC is trying to sell their innocence as they broker billions of dollars worth of deals....and like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen they think they can plead “no contest” and get away with no admitting guilt. Let Gerard Denault be the fall guy but Richard Valcich’s letter proves the fix was in the corruption in full gear pre-Joel Bondy and Gerard Denault and Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg’s names are on every page of the actual letter you can read.

Look carefully and you see the guy he originally wrote to -- his name is crossed out....
Richard Valcich from hero to zero to say.....hmmmm, why is that?

We need arrests SAIC -- the big bosses over Denault and NYC gov. officials plus sub-contractors and anyone who knew that is or are accomplices. We need jail time and also RICO charges...

How about to send a message to stop robbing tax payers!

We need Wall St. crooks arrested and sent to jail as well. How about making the banks pay back the bail-outs?

p.s. Preet Bharara ask Jay Walder tough questions re: SAIC MTA NYC Gov. officials before he leaves for Japan with his Golden Parachute.