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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monica Shay GOOD Soul May Not Make it One of the Victims All Shot in the head including 2 year old

I just said hi to Monica maybe a month ago on Broadway and 10th Street. A long, long time ago we went to the same karate school, The Karate School for Women.

The small women’s school struggled and Monica helped raise money by auctioning off a computer lesson which I purchased. She gave me the lesson.

She was and is a good soul. I don’t know if she will pull through. Apparently the violent criminal fresh out of jail had some grudge against her husband and shot everyone at their vacation home in the head including a 2 year old boy.

Prayers for all loved ones and miracles for Monica a good soul.

Another heart breaking thought is I write about violence towards women and now Monica is part of the statistic. This guy didn’t target a woman but he shot a woman and a small child in the head.

I always liked Monica. We were not close friends but all these years -- what 25 years I always said hi. Alway got a supportive good vibe from her. I can’t believe she is fighting for her life and probably won’t make it shot in the head by a crazed violent man who just got out of jail.