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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jim Dwyer Reports on Ernst and Young Award TechnoDyne Suzannah B. Troy’s last month news.....See you at the Protest!!!! Listen to my speech!

Jim Dwyer: Good piece but my blog talked about the Ernst and Young award in June of this year....I guess great minds think a like. Before that I had posted a piece about SAIC getting the Dwight Eisenhower Award for helping small businesses specially sub-contractors and I wrote what...? Helping them to steal?

Aug. 24, 2011 click on the above link and it brings me to Jim’s article. Maybe the good girl in me is forcing me to respect male authority shooting myself in the foot? is the working link that clearly pre-dates Jim Dwyer’s article by a lot...

Acutally I have a friend of this blog that sent me info. I knew about the 1st 8k but my friend gave me the heads up on the awards and the 2nd 8k. My friend wrote me this and sent Jim Dwyer’s link to me so thanks friend!!!!

Well the NY Times is trying to chime in stating the obvious but we will take, plus its a spin on our Eisenhower Award piece, my gut is that is totally original idea. These Awards are useless/meaningless. They are bought and E&Y should be shamed for dole out such pork. Its like those movie awards endless patting themselves on the back as they are "masters of the universe"

SAIC had auditors those auditors should be arrested to...10 years of not testing for fraud. I don't believe Denault acted alone...SAIC is fully responsible for his actions and all monies and all penalties. Bullshit to SAIC fork up the money...thieves.

E & Y is one of the last big 4 accounting firms. Talk about NO BID competition. Arthur Anderson went down with Enron.

Deloitte & Touche LLP is the firm that Audits SAIC, they were just ratified at the shareholder meeting to continue as their auditors/public accounting firm.