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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is Mike Bloomberg Still Covering Up For SAIC and Continuing to Betray the People of New York?

How many YouTubes did I make about Bloomberg and “who else” hardee har being SAIC’s pimps?

My first letter to Preet Bharara on SAIC..... In it I ask is there a massive cover-up for SAIC and I wrote this Feb 2011.

To date, in my opinion I believe Mike Bloomberg and even Rose Gill Hearn are covering up for SAIC by saying the system works. If the system works PROVE IT and also show how and when the system will start saving us money. Many suspect the system is and was a lemon and will take 100 years or more to turn a profit. Ask Bondy, Denault, whom ever is Denault’s boss at SAIC headquarters, ask Mike Bloomberg, Patricia Harris who’s son heads the IT division for NYC gov, ask Mark Page if CityTime works and when will CityTime start saving Tax Payer’s money.

By the way SAIC had auditors and accountants just like NYC gov so how did this go on for over a decade including Richard Valcich’s whistle blowing letter ,the head of Office Payroll before Joel Bondy,

2nd letter to Preet on SAIC

Is SAIC filing these 8Ks (this is the 2nd...I have a link to the 1st because SAIC knows we could ask for a lot more than 600 million dollars back in damages?

And FYI, SAIC files the 2nd 8k Friday of July 4th weekend as in as quietly as possible hoping the 8k would be lost in the Holiday weekend....

Happy July 4th!