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Friday, July 8, 2011

Former Mangement St. Vincent’s Hospital Asking to Shred Documents To Destroy Evidence!

Dear Blogger Readers: I was contacted with this information!

They are asking Judge Cecilia G. Morris to be allowed to destroy documents… and no doubt she will grant their request. What does it mean “no longer needs to be preserved”…

Heard on the street... I asked my source are the documents shredded. He responded, no, not yet, but the Judge has always given hospital management and the Rudin family everything they wanted so it is a no brainer the documents will be shredded.

I asked, isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that destroying evidence.

Most New Yorkers feel the courts protect the rich and powerful developers and landlords at expense of the people and that to even attempt to get justice you need as much money as they have which is shocking and disturbing.

Stay tuned more on this to be reported. Yetta Kurland who leads the Community Coalition that is fighting for a new hospital for the West Village alerted us last night to this shocking new scandal.