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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cooper Union Science Building Hoses in Windows Pumping What Out?

A community member asked me to photograph these many pipes or hoses sticking out windows of the Science building that Cooper Union is going to tear down and like the illegal build catty corner that Rudy’s city planner had said no to -- it was a shell game -- Cooper Union is again abusing their real estate magnate education not-for profit status and take breaks to bust through zoning and RENT!!!!!!!

Yep - another big scam, zone busting on old NY’s infrastructure and I busted them so it has been delayed for years as they feverishly work on infrastructure expansion courtesy of the tax payers and that includes Con Ed raising our bills to pay for all this zone busting by “education” and this is all about being an evil real estate magnate not education.

Cooper Union college kids so oohh they put that money towards our free education! Yeah, the put the money towards beating down community law suits and into being an evil real estate magnate like NYU.

A community member asked are they pumping asbestos out the windows?

I said they are evil and do so much to harm the community but highly unlikely they are pumping toxic dangerous materials out the window.

Click on the photo and look carefully in the windows.