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Saturday, June 25, 2011

NYDN Comment Corruption Beyond CityTime + Tenents Screwed by Albany Again

Go to Suzannah B. Troy Blog or Mayor Bloomberg King of NY - read NY1 Rose Gill Hearn piece!!!!

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10:42 AM
Jun 21, 2011

Great Job Juan. First CityTime, then ectp, now you can move on to Citiserv and show how IBM is running FISA and is in bed with the ex doitt assistant commissioner at Dyntek, and are bilking the city of millions of dollars.

Folks - the DOI and conflicts of interest committee both political arms of mayor allowed how much corruption to flourish?

How come the Allens easily got on a plane and flew away?

How did CiryTime - a corrupt sham flourish all these years? No praise for DOI but how about indictments inside City Hall.

As usual the fix was in look to the MTA SAIC deal as an example!

So much more to say about this and congrats LGBT equality. Sad the tenants got screwed again.

Read my post on NY1 and Rose Gill Hearn Cathie Black of Dept of Investigation.

ps I hear 911 Tech System Flawed!!! 2 billion dollar flawed system!!