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Sunday, April 10, 2011

YouTube Mechitas2314 Uses the Word “Retard” on behalf of Cooper Union’s tear down abuse of our neighborhood.

These are the creatures posing as humans that come to our communities to party and don’t care our communities are being destroyed by NYU, Cooper Union, SVA, NY Law who put a massive zone busting dorm on 3rd St. and doesn’t have a campus in the E. Village., Columbia University abusing eminent domain to make an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville leave their homes....for creatsure like Mechitas2314 that call activist retarded.

Mechitas2314 has made a comment on Cooper Union I feel is endangering community, Cooper like NYU greedy real estate magnate:

you're retarded

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Click on his YouTube page. Do you think this creep ever volunteered with “retarded” children or adults. Do you think this creature cares about people forced out of their communities and their neighborhoods torn down.