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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Which one of NY’s 10 worst Slum Lords may also be a Slum Developer Wannabe Applying for SRO but not under his name

Dear Readers: This is just conjecture -- just wondering so I am posting this like Page 666 on The New York Post.

Question: Is there a landlord on The Village Voice’s 10 Ten List of NYC’s worst slum lords that for some reason is not on Bill DeBlasio’s slum lord list and if so is this slum lord listed in The Village Voice top ten worst land lords a wannabe slum developer? The slum lord bought a property, sold it but in name only because he did not want to be on NYC gov. website applying for Single Room Occupancy, etc.?

This blog, that is me, an artist activist and fellow activists are just wondering because there are some very serious issues including unsafe work conditions and possible harassment -- you know like perhaps doing something “anonymously” and than making calls that should not be made?

I don’t know but I and other activists are wondering including the question why is this landlord not on Bill DeBlasio’s Slum Lord Watch List and if so there are some other very serious questions we are wondering NYC gov related.

Question for Bill DeBlasio: Why would you remove landlords from your Slum Lord Watch List if they gave good reason to get there in the first place? Why didn’t you at least keep them on under PROBATION so I could easily access if this landlord has been removed but is still someone to keep your eyes on which I am sure all of them are.