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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scarano -- the Infamous Poster Boy for Why Guiliani’s Self Certification Allowed Architects and Developers To Break the Rules and Get Away with it way

Rudy’s heinous crappy decisions like bringing in CityTime SAIC to self certifying architects Mike made even more hellish for NewYorkers

Rudy Giuliani like Mike Bloomberg are or were spin masters.....they did a lot wrong but they thought right they could use smoke, mirrors and with spin mega mega-millions and Rudy made at least 31 million dollars after leaving his position as mayor.

Rent “Giuliani Time” and you learn harsh truths that Giuliani was going down and than he was able to spin Sept. 11 in to gold. The film reminds you the FDNY radios did not work properly and Giuliani also should never have allowed the command center to be downtown since there was already one attack there but he did.

By the way, how are the FDNY’s radio’s working now.

How is our new Tech 911 system working now because the Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010 showed us how unprepared NYC is....

Back to self certifying architects -- meaning architects ready for this that Rudy decided to put on the honor system to save money....well guess what -- they weren’t boy scouts and Scarano built the hideous Bowery Hotel that looks like a prison and all his buildings seem to bust through zoning, are ugly as all hell and seem to be giving the community the finger.

Isn’t DOB just a little embarrassed they have so many outstanding violations that never seemed to get paid, buildings collapsing, scaffolding, construction deaths, pieces of cranes dropping on people killing them? I heard we had several scaffolding deaths this year.