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Saturday, April 16, 2011

NYU Destroy of Historic Buildings Behind the reminder is Bobst Library Suicide Hot Spot

Click on the image and read the words....just like St. Ann’s facade from 1847 hangs on the front of the most hideous ugly NYU mega dorm yet at 120 East 12th Street, NYU the destroyer of our history doesn’t even need to abuse eminent domain to get the job done to force out the community as they destroy our history. NYU continues it’s Purple Reign of terror threatening the community with EVEN more unwanted expansion. If real estate was crack cocaine than John Sexton, the pres. is the drug king pin of NY real estate and he is paid close to 2 million a year not including PERKS.

NYU than busts through zoning weigh heavy on old NY’s infrastructure which often breaks down causing small businesses to close, etc. NYU’s architecture is hideous ugly second only to Cooper Union’s how architects appear high on crack cocaine while watching too many bad Hollywood B sci flick movies or depressants.

Mike Bloomberg and socialite Amanda the people’s Burden, worst city planner in NY’s history are Sexton’s enablers hence Sexton running down to City Hall to testify that Mike must have a 3rd term. The only thing Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people’s Burden and John Sexton haven’t done is provide NYU buses, trolley and trains to move log term residents out.

Bobst Library was the higher ed suicide capital until NYU was forced to put in a suicide prevention barrier.