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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mike Bloomberg does have an Accountant! Married Haggerty was having an affair with her!

Posted this comment on The NY Daily News that lets me post anything like this is the USA and their is 1st amendment Shame on The NY Post!

Cy Vance doesn’t want to look at the fact Mike bloomberg broke campaign laws wiring money twice the day before the election in to the Independence Party. Apparently the Justice system has decided that Mike Bloomberg and his his advisors with the exception of Haggerty are above the law. Aram Roston Inside Bloomberg’s Secret Campaign states Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty 2 elections in a row the one previous to this one via the Republican Party. Cy Vance is too afraid to subpoena Wolfson, Harris, Sheekey and perhaps even Doctoroff’s emails as well as Mike Bloomberg’s email to Haggerty or about him! Fred Siegel in Bloomberg’s Bubble Burst states Mike spent 150 million on this campaign. Nice to know Mike has an account that is full service but he doesn’t have an account that knows where the 150 million went and Mike didn’t care. He and gang had an agreement -- just bring me a win.

Well Adam Lisberg does not give us the newest figure that Fred Siegel gives us in Bloomberg Bubble Bursts which is Mike Bloomberg spent 150 on the books -- that does not include brokering many corrupt deals he wanted to get back in office to over see -- like CityTime SAIC, MTA SAIC (finally that deal was killed despite corrupt entities including the MTA and Mike’s pals and I am sure Peter Powers - Rudy G. best friend ex deputy mayor) trying to keep it alive, corrupt real estate deals by NYU, Columbia University, Rattner etc. plus other tech deals and business relationships we are now just learning about including how Gartner was implicated in Spherion CityTime role with quality control I am not sure they actually provided....)

but Mike Bloomberg actually does have an accountant although she did not work on the campaign and she was having an affair with the newly married Haggerty who may have lied about his marital status or separated.

Lisberg mentions Haggerty’s mails have been looked at by the DA but not Mike’s or his deputy mayors! Nice because I am calling for them to all be looked at from 2 elections in a row since Mike funneled money to Haggerty via the Republican party the election before this one according to Aram Roston inside Bloomberg’s Secret Campaign.

Haggerty is innocent, as innocent as Mike Bloomberg!