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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mike Bloomberg caught in a Con Edison CON A big fat lie on why we have higher Con Ed Bills by Suzannah B. Troy

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, one of the most detested people in NYC right now so much so that the owners of The New York Times and The NY Daily News and The NY Post (the post is so over loaded with self promotion -- the worst website in NYC -- just made me watch a full size camelot advertisement and too date you can’t read or post comments from your smart phones or ipads and the slimmy editors ban truth tellers like me for “self promotion”.) Read Rupert Murdcoh techno -troubles.

Getting back to Bloomberg lies -- Bloomberg and his greedy developer friends is the reason our Con Ed bills are higher.

We the people of New York who protested and fought this unwanted tsunami of development reckless and stupid fueled by greed said no! We said slow down and safety first.

Con Ed never joined us and I wrote Con Ed and asked them to tell the mayor to slow down.

Con Ed was in it to win it - Con Ed is greed fueled and hired a record amount of outside contractors -- are streets look like hell and often you will see Con Ed workers because they cannot keep up with the expansion and Con Ed is billing us up the whazoo for infrastructure expansion for NYU mega dorms, Cooper Unions hideous ulgy zone busting expansion, NY Law hideous ugly zone buster, all the hotels zone busting --- we the people are buying for Con Ed to expand their infrastructure.

Did you think Con Ed was going to hand NYU, the evil empire a bill or Cooper Union, NYU jr.?

This is true through the city.

When we had a water main break by the Holland Tunnel by Trump Soho -- a dangerous reckless zone buster where a construction worker died-- did you think Donald Trump volunteered to pay for infrastructure expansion?

Con Ed and Mike bloomberg have royally screwed us and Mike is trying to deflect some of the heat on to anyone but him.