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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joseph Tacopina’s assistant lawyer Chad Seigel Wins Misogynist NYC Pig Award for Vile Comment describing Rape Victim

Mike Bloomberg was going to win the award for his testimony in the sex discrimination case but Chad Siegel turns out to be a much more vile pig.

Sorry for insulting pigs because I think they are much more attractive than Chad Siegel.

As usual the women’s group mainly funded with big bucks are dead silent.

Gee whiz do you think Joe wrote down those misogynist words or did Chad Siegel come up with it himself?

I had to post this on the NYDN and let us be clear -- the proof is in -- these guys are guilty as sin!

Yeah and the two police officers as well.

1) visit Joseph Tacopina’s website! It is a must see. I always wondered how he looks himself in the mirror? He does with lots and lots of adoration! 2) Do you think he scripted the offensive comment or did Chad Siegel think that up all by himself. Look at his staff including Joe’s very pretty young lawyer that probably looks like the Gap exec. Shame on Joe Tacopina and Chad Siegel. Maybe one day some men will treat you the very same way and make the same comment about you private most areas.