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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gerald Shargel Move Over, Let’s Take a Look at Joseph Tacopina’s Website! Hey Tacopina, how much are you charging an hour to represent the rape cop?
Joseph Tacopina (I call him tapioca -- you all know English is not my first language but I haven’t figure out what is my first language so calling him tapoica was easier than TACO-PINA!

I thought Gerald Shargel’s website was fascinating but Joseph Tacopina’s is hilarious only because it is clear this guy thinks he is the Brad Pitt of defense attorneys!

Joseph Tacopina is on my misogynist NYC blog and I give him hell often regarding his defense tactics on behalf of the rape cops. I may have written how do you look yourself in the mirror? Well the answer -- often and with a lot of adoration!

Checking out “tapioca’s website is a must! I am not going to tell you what you see but check it out!
Wow, does this guy really, really, REALLY like himself! When he retires from law he is going to teach classes in self-esteem.

If the word “super lawyer” is not in your vocabulary than after checking out his website it will be added.

Hey, Joseph Tacopina how much do you charge an hour for representing the rape cop?
Do you think if I call his office and ask he will answer my question? I emailed him the question.

Hey Joseph: You want to ask a rape victim about her sex life? How about having to reveal to jurors you represented murderer Joran Van Sloot!

p.s. Mike Bloomberg is featured on my Misogynist NYC blog most recently for the media silence as in hush hush until way after the election on his testimony on the sexual discrimination cases in his private empire not to be confused with the public empire aka NYC gov.