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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Betty White says Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan UNGRATEFUL, Abuse Power/Fame Suzannah B. Troy says so do our politicians NYC ones most belong in jail

Have you ever seen such arrogant self entitled people? Yes I am talking about most of our city council people and their staff starting with Christine Quinn who approved a 600 dollar an hour lawyer for herself and Sullivan and Cromwell for her staff....the same firm Goldman Sachs uses that specializes in White Collar crime and is extremely expensive. Quinn has been sued for back rent four times. If she had to use her own money and not the tax payers she wouldn’t be using a 600 dollar an hour lawyer.

These city council people -- not all do not pay their parking tickets and many have special parking placards and worse is Quinn and her partner are chauffeured around with way too many of Mike’s deputy mayors that could and should be taking public transportation. The NYDN exposed even worse mis-deeds but no one seems to care and very corrupt thieves like Espada, Kruger, Arroyo the mother and for city council how about Arroyo the daughter, Larry Seabrook who’s indictment and being kicked out of office and in to jail seems to be moving slower than molasses. Of course all of the above wanted to stay in office and “SERVE the PEOPLE” forever. Can you blame them? Larry Seabrook is mentioned in this article and so is Bernie Kerik who used some of his NYPD officers like personal serfs and Mafia to do his bidding one of his mistresses.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Miguel Martinez was the only city council member indicted that was HONEST enough to admit he was stealing from the get go but than wrote a long letter trying to minimize his criminal acts. He is now in prison. He voted to extend term limits.

Everyone who voted to extend term limits happens to have some major scandal they are having investigated or are trying to avoid investigation or accepted stipends when they should have said no.

Take a look at city council members who voted no to takings stipends called lulus and took the money anyway....

They are too many celebrities and politicians that abuse their power and are ungrateful slugs. How many people that spent their hard working money to see Charlie Sheen regretted. They witnessed a very, very lonely man who is mentally ill and an addict and was it worth it.

Politicians stay on and on because the people have come to accept the fact we don’t have honest good New Yorkers willing to represent us but are stuck with those high on their own power which they abuse and truly are ungrateful.

Reminder: City Council members some had the worst attendance records and still voted themselves a raise and had not problem with the NYPD’s starting salary.